Sunday, August 30, 2009

Styling With Some New Shades and Almost Football Season!!!!

For the past couple of years I've REALLY wanted a pair of big girl, expensive sunglasses since we spend so much time in the sun at the lake, football games, etc, so after a mishap with my cheapies on Wednesday, I decided it was time to invest. I knew I wanted a pair of tortus shell with polarized lenses and most likely D&G (if you're going to Sunglass Hut might as well, right! Ha!). So, after spending almost an hour being indecisive, I ended up with these...
ewwww, I look rough! It's called Sunday afternoon!

In other news from the weekend, after a VERY successful party, Michael and I went to dinner with Anna and her husband, Brandon. We had a lot of fun and look how cute and accessorized we are! Ha!
I also just HAD to show you this picture because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my red
patten ballet flats! Michael accidentally took this and I wanted to show you how cute those shoes are! (I got them last year at Payless! They are my $6 special!!!!)
I made homemade veggie soup for dinner because I have been craving some veggies and cornbread and we had some left over roast in the refrigerator. Also, I guess I am just wishing fall were here already! So, here is a sneak peak at dinner.
Which leads me to my next random thought...It's only 5 more days until this...
FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! PTL it is here again! It always makes me a little sad when New Year's comes because it's always the end, well, YAY for fall being just around the corner!!!! Michael and I looked at the schedule this weekend and decided that we are DEFINITELY going to the UT/South Carolina game on Halloween. How much fun will that be?! Hopefully we can make a few others, but it's hard with his work schedule. He we are last year, roasting in the 90 degree heat! Ha! At least if we wait until the SC game, it will be nice and cool!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jewelry, Food, and Some New Friends!

Last night and today was my Grand Opening/Open House for my Lia Sophia business! I took the day off yesterday and cleaned and got the house ready. I love to entertain, so I was SUPER excited to host my own party to introduce my friends and family to my new business! I had some yummy appetizers like chips and salsa, cheese ball, cupcakes, and jalapeno poppers! YUM!
I sat up a display of all the jewelry that I had on my island.
I met a bloggy friend!!!! Courtney and Lauren came to the party and we had SO MUCH FUN! Kelly, we missed you! We are expecting you at the next one at Courtney's house on Sept. 19! :-)
Here are the three bloggy friends, Anna, Courtney, and me! We had so much fun we are considering a girls weekend soon!!!!
And, our babies playing together! Spencer and Lauren loved each other and played so well together. Made me feel MUCH better about bringing a baby into his house!
Not sure why my pics are so grainy. I guess I've got it on some weird setting again! Oops! Anyway, I had a great opening party and if anyone wants to book their own party, it is WELL worth it! I got $330 of free jewelry for doing this one as the hostess! Let me know if you are interested!

Now got to run get ready to join Anna and Brandon for dinner at Logan's to celebrate the success of our opening party!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was a Happy/Sad kind of day

Today was a day of mixed emotions...

For those of you who have a regular cell but love to text and facebook from your phone, run, don't walk, and get you a BlackBerry Curve!!! I seriously LOVE this thing! It has made my day so much better. It cut my texting time in half! Ha! Seriously, my boss commented on how fast my response time was! Ha! (Excuse the was-at-work-for-10-hours-today look!)

Then, when I got home, I found this on my doorstep! My latest piece of jewelry from Lia Sophia, the Pink Carnation necklace! It is so cute, pink, purple, and brown all in one necklace!

I had to go to a reunion committee meeting (more on that in a soon to come post!) after work at Panera, so I brought this home for dinner. YUM! I love Sierra Turkey!!!!

Now there was a down side to my day. Went for ANOTHER US today only to find that I did NOT have ANY follicles, so now it appears I might have been right all along and DID ovulate last week. OR I might have just not done anything at all. My OB was in a delivery and his partner did the US, so he is supposed to be calling me tomorrow with some answers.

I'm in Love!

I've been hating my Blackberry Pearl for a while now (it has to be reset at least 3 times a day) and I really thought I'd like the full keyboard. So anyway, my neighbor Andrea told me she had a pink curve if I wanted to buy it from her. Last night I went over to see her baby nephew and came home with a new phone! Ha! Needless to say, I'M IN LOVE! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dr Appt Updates

I got so/so news from urologist. There really isn't anything to do for my current stones (they are in my kidneys, so not actually causing pain at the moment) and they are stable, meaning they haven't grown any. He will see me back every three months to watch for any growth or travel. At that time, we'll look at where we are OB wise and decide what to do. He did tell me his daughter went through IF and he agrees that should be my priority at this time. That made me happy!

On that note, the OB office called right after lunch and I will see them tomorrow morning to check for any progress. I am pretty much convinced I've ovulated, but we'll see what he finds on US tomorrow!

And lastly, we are less than FOUR months from CHRISTMAS!!!!! Actually, today is THREE months from my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving (which is why I am showing you a picture of my table at Thanksgiving!). Why is that my favorite you ask? Because when else do you get 4 days off from work (in my case 2 with pay!), lots of food and family in one day, shop till you drop the next day, and decorate for Christmas ALL in ONE weekend???!

Day Of Doctor Visits

I am having my 3 month follow up with the urologist in about an hour and I need to call my OB because I am still not getting a positive on an OPK, but have some other things going on we need to talk about. Hopefully I'll get in to see him today too, or at least first thing in the morning.

Hope everyone has a good day!!!! :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Officially Open For Business!

My Lia Sophia website is up and running and I am now an official Lia Sophia Fashion Advisor!!!! Come by, visit, and check out what we have. Also, if you are a local girl, I'd love to have you over this Friday or Saturday to my Grand Opening/Open House! It will be at my house Friday 6:30-9 and Saturday, 11-1! There is absolutely no obligation to buy, just come by, drink some wine, eat some food, and help support me in my new venture!!!!

My website is If you want to purchase anything between now and this weekend to apply towards my Grand Opening, go to this link and type in my name! It's that simple!!!!

Also, if anyone is interested in hosting either a home (willing to travel up to 150 miles), catalog, or internet party, let me know! It is an EASY, EASY way to score over $250 in free jewelry and help us with our infertility expenses!!!!!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

That's All

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

Hope you're having a good Monday. We just ate chicken enchiladas and I am getting a bath and headed to bed. However, I wanted to share that verse with you. I just love the movie Devil Wears Prada and I think I saw it for about the tenth time tonight! Ha! Anyway, as Miranda says, "That's All!" :-)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ultrasound Flunkee, That's Me!

I have never been one to fail at anything. I am the world's worst OCD overachiever. However, for some reason I just CANNOT pass an ultrasound! (Not that you really pass or fail, but I have NEVER had an ultrasound that I or the physician came out of happy! Ha!) I am an US Flunkee! Ha!

Michael and I met OB Dr. Smith at his office at 11:00 this morning and imagine my surprise to find out not only have I NOT ovulated like I thought, but still don't have a follicle large enough to consider it dominate. Actually the leftie one had only grown 1mm in 3 days and the rightie had grown 3mm (a little more normal). He is not sure what will happen, but he wants me to start using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) again and call him with a positive. Which leads me to my question of what brand do you use? Digital or standard? Test in the morning or evening (I know some OBs say after 2pm)? If I have not had a positive by next Monday, I am to call to come in. At that point he will have me see a RE just for a consult. He just wants to make sure he isn't missing anything. The confusing part is that clomid did create multiple follicles, just not any large enough to be called dominate, which was one of the two reasons he put me on it. The other was to stimulate my ovaries to release an egg before CD 20, which I do not do on my own, and apparently can't do on clomid either!

So, back to OPKs and praying for a dominate follicle.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Around The Corner

I went to Hobby Lobby today and realized how close we are to seeing this...

It just made me want to pee in my pants I was so excited!!!! Ok, well maybe just squeal really loud! But anyway, I did get a couple of awesome things there.
I thought this was a super cute little jack-o-lantern to put a candle in and sit on my bar. I also lost my fine china salt and pepper shakers in the fire (tears), so instead of paying big bucks to replace them, I'm going to get cute little seasonal ones instead, so I got some pumpkins! I also found these adorable spreaders for fall.
I've been looking for something for our hallway or foyer. Not sure where I'll put this yet, but how perfect is this? An "L" and part of our wedding verse!!!!
I found this espresso frame for our engagement picture that hangs in our bedroom (yes, my hair was SUPER dark here. That's my natural, no gray yet, hair! Hmmmm, I wasn't married yet, maybe that is why I have so many gray hairs now????)
Then I went by and visited with my Nana. She was always the most phenomenal cook you'll ever meet until she was diagnosed with dementia. Now all of her cookbooks just sit on a shelf (not that she ever used any of them!). So, on my way out the door I asked her if I could have 2005-2008 (2009 isn't available yet) of the Southern Living Annual cookbooks!!!! I've been looking for them on ebay for awhile because I wanted all the one's since we've been married. I am so happy that she let me have them! I hope to get the rest of the collection (as in everyone of them since 1979!) one day. My dream is to have an entire bookshelf FULL of cookbooks, just like she has! (I need to add a bookshelf in the kitchen to my wishlist for my next house!)
It is a BEAUTIFUL day here! It is only 80 degrees and sunny! Michael and I have tickets to the Southern Brewer's Festival downtown tonight and hopefully he will be able to come home a little early so we can get there soon!!!! I had planned to wear a cute skirt and tank top, but now I'm thinking more like jeans! Wow! Fall is in the air!!! (too bad we all know that it's not here to stay :-( ) Then tomorrow morning we have our follow up ultrasound with OB Dr. Smith at 10:30ish. He is supposed to call in the morning to verify the time. I'll update as soon as we get home from there. Please pray that we have either ovulated already (which TMI, I think I have) or that there is at least ONE healthy follicle!

PS: I updated my recipe blog! I added my crock pot teriyake chicken and salsa recipes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Woohoo, it's finally Friday!!!!! Only 8 hours of work, a large stack of FMLA forms (doesn't anyone want to actually work anymore?!), and charts for next week stand between my weekend and I!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!!!

Here is the one thing I need to get me through this day...

A Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CD 15 Follicle Study, Check!

My CD 15 follicle study is now behind us, but not before we had to schedule a CD 18 on Sunday morning. I was SHOCKED to hear my dr say that he would call me on Sunday morning to set up a time because he does not do anything outpatient (even IUIs) on the weekend. (again, THANK YOU to my 2 bosses and my good friend Victoria for making me see him last fall!!!!!!!!! When all this is over and we have a healthy baby, there will be some awesome gifts coming your way! Ha!) Not only is he meeting me over the weekend, but gave me his CELL number to call if he had not called me by 10:30 that morning! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE HIM?!

Back to the actual US. The left had a 15mm and the right a 13mm. He was hoping for at least 18-25mm and feels pretty sure we'll see one on Sunday. I did get a big fat smiley face on my OPK yesterday afternoon and some incredible abdominal pain, but he isn't really a believer that it is real. Thinks it may be a false positive. I'm used to false positives, so what's new!

So, Michael and I have been so blessed by God leading us to this Dr. I felt such peace, happiness, and joy when I left his office. It means so much more to have a caring OB when you are going through this.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mission Make An Egg Day 4-9 (CD 8-13)

I'm sorry I've neglected my clomid diary, but it has been a CRAZY few days at work and at home.

Thursday, August 13, Clomid Day 4 (CD 8)
Went for US this morning. One large follicle on the L that measured about 12mm and one on the right that measured about 10mm. Dr. said that yes, there is a potential for multiples with follicles that large that early. GREAT! (please, hear the sarcasm!) Pain continues, but seems to lessen by evening. Hot flashes continue, but worse during the evening and night.

Friday, August 14, Clomid Day 5 (CD 9)
Abdomen and pelvis feeling a little better today other than diarrhea (again, it's my blog, there will be TMI, deal with it). Felt hot and flushed most of morning. Received my FSH and Estradol results today: FSH 5.5, Estradol 46.3. Nurse said those were excellent (again, great, probably another sign pointing to MULTIPLES! AHHHHHH!)

I noticed that I got a LOT more edgier and moody around CD 12, Monday. Little things at work and even at home seemed to set me off. I also started having the severe abdominal pain again. Started digital OPKs on CD 12, but still negative as of Tuesday night, CD 13. I really don't expect them to turn + until CD 14-15 from what I'm reading, which is great since I don't want to ovulate until after my follicle study on CD 15 (Thursday).

Well, enough about that! I am having quite the week at work. It just seems extremely busy and hectic. I am not really sure what color the top of my desk is, I just see a stack of charts and another stack of faxes, orders, and lab results! Hopefully by the time I leave on Friday I'll see my desk again! :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun In The Sun

Yesterday was one of those days where we spent the day just relaxing in the sun with a book or in Michael's case, some music, salsa, and some drinks. It was a beautiful day and we ended up spending about 6 hours just cruising along slowly and enjoying the peace and quiet.

This has become our very MOST favorite lake/pool food. I got the recipe off Kelly's mom's blog and we LOVE it! I think I make it AT LEAST twice a week!

Michael doing what he enjoys doing most...just chilling on his boat!

I'm pretty proud of myself...I learned to drive the boat...kind of! I still doubt I could start it, pull away from the dock, or park, but at least I can drive it in the lake! Ha!
It may be close to the end of boating season, but it's almost football season!!!!
The largest house that I've seen on the lake in Chattanooga. I think it's awesome!
We finished the day by going home and cooking wings and onion rings! Give me your wing recipes as I think that is going to be our new Sunday football tradition!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am going to post another post tomorrow to give the latest clomid details, but I'll admit, other than some moodiness today and that one day or two of discomfort, it isn't bad at all!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloodwork Results

My OB's nurse just called with my day 3 (or in my case, day 2) bloodwork. My FSH was 5.5, exactly perfect, and my estradol was 46.3. No wonder my ovaries are working so hard! Ha! Does anyone know how all this works together with my follicle US on CD 15??? (I know I am a nurse, but unless we are talking ventilators, chest tubes, colostomies, or gun shot wounds, I'm out of luck! All this OB stuff is like another language to me!)

THANK YOU!!!! For all the comments yesterday. I feel much better. The nurse also told me that they RARELY see someone have more than one on clomid, even with multiple follicles.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. Appt Update

I NEVER blog from work, but I just had to get your take on this. The only thing he saw that could be causing my pain was multiple follicles (at least two) with probable ovary irritation. With that said, should I freak about the possibility of multiples? I know this is actually a wonderful blessing, but I am just thinking about all the risks that come with multiples and with a clotting disorder, I would be definite high risk for a major life threatening problem. Also, there is the financial aspect of it. Anyway, I am very thankful that at least it is working so far and will take whatever blessing God gives me. I go back next Thursday on CD 15 for my follicle study to see if I have a dominant follicle...he said I will DEFINITELY have at least one.

Has anyone had multiple mature follicles with clomid and only have one baby? Thanks for all your help!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mission Make An Egg Day 1-3

I have been an overall bad blogger over the past few days, but I had decided before I started the clomid that I wanted to keep a diary of sorts on here to document how I felt on my clomid. One, it's my blog and I'll blog what I want, second, I know some of you are wondering what to expect yourselves!
There it is, the most important prescription I've ever had least in my mind!

Monday, CD 5, Clomid Day 1
I am taking my clomid in the morning, just because that is when I take my aspirin and folic acid. I felt good today and didn't have any side effects.

Tuesday, CD 6, Clomid Day 2
Had a mini hot flash around 3:00, but that could have been stress from the crazy afternoon in office, not sure. Felt a little more hungry than normal, again, who knows if that has anything to do with clomid. Most important thing was a dull pinching, stabbing pain in my left pelvic area that started late and went away pretty quickly.

Wednesday, CD 7, Clomid Day 3
Woke up at 3:40 with that same stabbing pain, only much worse. Went back to sleep, still there when alarm went off at 6:30. Hot flashes more noticeable today, definitely the real thing! Ha! Also, no moodiness or anxiousness! PTL! As day went on and especially after on my feet this afternoon, abdominal pain got worse. Called OB office. Take 600mg motrin at 4:00 and again at bedtime. If it gets worse or motrin doesn't help, call Dr. Smith (the OB, not the surgeon boss!). If they do not see me in the ER tonight, appointment at 9:30 am for ultrasound to check for hyperstimulation or cyst.

So, that leads me to my next question...if you've ever taken clomid, did you have any pain like this? What if clomid hyperstimulates me or causes cysts, can I take a different drug next cycle? Anyone know what my options would be? I am so frustrated with the possibility that I may have to quit my cycle or that it may not be working correctly. I won't be surprised, as nothing ever goes as I have them planned!

One more thing...please keep this sweet family in your prayers. They need them! Katie had baby Reese yesterday and things aren't looking good. Kelly will probably have updates as they become available.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christmas In August!

Santa came a bit early this year. He came yesterday in a big brown UPS truck and look what he brought me...
My Lia Sophia Sales Advisor Kit!!!!!!! This isn't everything, but the most important me anyway! My 24 pieces of jewelry, catalogs, and party invitations!

What was in those cute little blue boxes you may ask????

These necklaces...minus one more I forgot to put out. OOPS!

These earrings...yes, I've already worn two pairs! Ha!

These bracelets.

And this ring I wore today! LOVE it! (I actually had to wear it on my middle finger, it is a little big for me and PLEASE excuse my ugly hands! Ha!)

I would LOVE to help you host a fun girls night out/jewelry party soon! As a special gift to anyone that hosts their first party with me within my first 90 days as an advisor, I will throw in any piece in the catalog that retails for under $100, for free. Let me know if you are interested! You will also earn about $250 of free jewelry! You can also host a catalog party if you are out of town, everything will be delivered to you direct!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Us Your Life...Wedding Reception and Honeymoon

This week's Show us Your Life is featuring wedding receptions and honeymoons! When we left the ceremony we went to the TN River and took a few pictures that turned out to be my very most favorite. Here are two of them (again, sorry for the poor quality, but I've been married almost 5 years and have mostly film pictures that were scanned way back then).

After we took about 10 pictures, we got back in the limo and went to the Read House for our reception! Since our wedding was at 6:00, we had a heavy buffet by candlelight. I wish I had a picture of our centerpieces, but they were candelabras with white candles on mirrored tiles and white votive candles and roses around the edges.

I found this cake in a Martha Stewart magazine and then added a square tier on the bottom since we needed about 350 slices. (yes, we fed 325!!!!!) It was white on white with raspberry filling. I also had them add crystal snowflakes all over it and our monogram in the center.

This was my favorite picture of us by the cake.

Michael picked out his cake. He loves the outdoors and camping, so we found a picture of a tree stump and had our initials put on it. It was chocolate/chocolate with silk holly leaves around it.
I wish I had my very most favorite reception picture scanned, but it is a closeup of his hand around my waist and it is an awesome shot, but instead, here is one of our first dance.

My dad and I danced to "My Girl" and it was a lot of fun and people still talk about how fun it was to watch! My dad had some skills no one knew about! Ha!

Some of the ADPi sisters that came to the wedding.

We did another leaving scene leaving the hotel (to just drive around the block and come back for the night! Ha!). Yes, I am holding my train because my bustle broke about an hour before. :-(
For our honeymoon we stayed at Sandals Ocho Rios, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It was the best trip we've been on. It was absolutely beautiful!!!!

We got there on Monday afternoon and stayed until Saturday. It was so relaxing and fun!
We ate, ate, and ate some more while we were there. This was the third night when we ate at the restaurant on the beach. FUN!

The last night we were there we ate at an Italian restaurant and I love this picture because it shows how much fun we had that week. We signed up for the frequent guest club, but sadly haven't been back. Depending on what is going on in our life in January, we may go to another Sandals resort for our fifth anniversary.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update on The Plan

I called my OB office today to ask what to do about the fact that cycle day 3 falls on Saturday and to set the dates for my FSH, follicle study ultrasound, and day 21 progesterone. They can run the FSH on CD 2 (tomorrow at 8:30am) and hopefully have results back next week! My follicle study will be on CD 14, Wednesday, August 19 at noon, and my CD 21 progesterone will be drawn on the following Wednesday which we will set that appt on the 19th.

I also had my clomid filled today. Part of me is super excited to try it, but the other part is a little freaked out at the possibility of twins or worse, hyperstimulation and having to give up on the cycle. I would love to hear anyone's clomid stories. Especially those of you who might have taken it even though you ovulated on your own, but took it to strengthen ovulations.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Been One Of Those Days

AM UPDATE: Cycle number whatever, too many to count, is here. Looks like I'll be starting clomid Monday! I'll update later and let you know what the OB says about doing my FSH on Saturday.

I have sunk deep down in a hole again. I have been so excited to start my new cycle (for the first time EVER) and today was supposed to be the day (and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT, I've made sure), which was perfect, I could have had my day 3 labs on Friday just in time for the weekend. Well, it's already 7:00 pm and no cycle in sight. :-( I guess my labwork will either be skewed by not being on the best day or not at all. I am planning on calling his office tomorrow to ask what to do. I just feel like my body is letting me down AGAIN.

I've just been struggling this week. Since Sunday afternoon, I've just been sad. I have also had a bad week at work and been in the worst PMS mood EVER (just to be honest). At one point this morning I just shut my office door and cried, out of nowhere. I just had one phone call too many, one too many demanding patients and for some reason just got overwhelmed and that made me feel guilty and like a bad nurse. (thank goodness for my good friend Lindsay that just happened to call my cell phone when I was at that low point! she is an awesome surgery resident and an even better friend!) I also had to miss a dinner to come home for yet something else fire related. WHEN will that whole experience EVER end?!

So, now I have a question. For those of you who have taken clomid and had a cycle day 3 FSH drawn, has anyone ever had to wait over a weekend and have it drawn on day 4 or 5?

Oh! I almost forgot! I am now officially a Lia Sophia advisor!!! I would LOVE to help you host a fun girls night out party. Seriously, it is fun and you can't beat getting a TON of free jewelry!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A New Venture

For the past few months I've been struggling with the decision rather or not I want to continue to sell candles and I think I've found what I've been looking for! About a month ago I attended a Lia Sophia Jewelry party and almost signed up on the spot to become a consultant! Well, after hosting my own party and attending one last night, I made a decision. As of today I am a Lia Sophia Jewelry advisor! I am planning on using this venture to help pay for my infertility expenses (which are starting to rack up). I think that I am just burned out on candles (no pun intended!) and needed to find something I enjoyed and candles were not it anymore. I will still be selling through the month of September (the first month of the fall/Christmas catalog), so you can still buy up for the holidays.

Let me tell you a little about Lia Sophia. They offer a 100% guaranteed LIFETIME return policy and UNBELIEVABLE hostess rewards. I have hosted a few different brands of jewelry and with Lia Sophia I earned a LOT of free and discounted jewelry. No matter what you sell, it could only be one or two items, you will receive 20% of your show sales in free merchandise, and select any 4 items in the catalog for $15, plus receive two items at half price! Once you've received 10 orders, you get 40%! It really is the best hostess rewards program I've seen. The thing that I like best from a customer prospective is that there is always a monthly special. This month is buy 2 items and receive one half off (which is ALWAYS your most expensive item!!!!). I saved over $80 last night using that special!

My "starter" party will be August 14 and I am so excited to start my new venture! I will also be hosting a party to introduce all my friends and family to my new business, so watch for that date soon!