Friday, May 30, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday...On Friday Morning

1.  After my birthday it hit me hard that few of my clothes fit well and that it was only about 6 weeks until swimsuit season.  On a random Tuesday I went, joined a gym, and for 6 weeks now I have worked out almost every weekday morning at 5am! I've lost around 10 pounds and have modified my diet. I feel much better, less stress, and my clothes fit! 

2.  For the past year I've been planning Nicholas' fourth birthday. It would be an adorable Captain America/4th of July theme and I had so many cute ideas...until he discovered Star Wars. Now I am working on a theme I know very little about and mourning the fact that the day came where I no longer got to chose his party theme! Here is a sample of what I am working on now. Lots of stars, silver, and blue.

3.  I am starting a list of books for pool and beach reading this Summer, but I'm at a loss. I love chicklit and light, fun reads. My brain works so hard during the day I don't want a deep book at night.  Any suggestions?

4.  I am now closer to 35 than to 30 (ahhhhhh!) and I see a lot of people come through my office with skin cancer. It's enough to scare you to death!  I spent my teens and twenties baking in the in I had a tanning gel with glitter in it to "enhance your tan". It's funny how things change, because now I use 50 SPF. 

5.  I'm starting to make a decision regarding kindergarten. Nicholas is very smart and excels in preschool, however with a July birthday I am so torn over two years of PK4 starting kindergarten at 6, or going ahead and starting kidergarten at 5. This is actually super stressing me because I'm afraid of making the wrong decision either way. 

6.  We are heading to Destin in a few weeks and we are getting so excited! I have been going to Destin since I was 9 years old and it is one of my favorite places in the world (along with Disney and the Caribbean). We have some fun surprises lined up for Nicholas including a ride on the pirate ship! I am in desperate need for a vacation and am counting the days! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome Summer!

This Spring has brought with it several things to slow me down; projects at work, baseball, and life in general. It is my Summer goal to blog at least once a week to try to get back into the habit. With that goal, I am hoping to write a couple of posts this week, but we all know how that goes! :-)

This past weekend was such a fun kickoff for Summer! We spent a ton of time outside, enjoying time together and with friends...our favorite ways to spend our time! 

Friday Nicholas and I started our weekend early by leaving work and school at 12:15! It was fabulous! We were able to get groceries knocked out for the week, his hair cut, and even a trip to see Michael at work!  Needless to say, a 3 year old and a line of high end bicycles on stands don't mix... We almost had a domino effect of bicycles! Hahaha! 

Saturday was an amazingly fun day. I ran out in the morning and bought some plants for the front and back porch, came home and we spent the afternoon cleaning up the backyard. I love how our patio looks for Summer! I found adorable canvases it Bed Bath and Beyond and we've been buying cute little patio sights all Spring. Next up, new cushions and outdoor curtains! 
(No clue why my pictures from my phone are all so blurry this weekend.  Must have had something on the lens.  Sorry about that!)

Nicholas spent 9 hours Saturday sliding into his pirate pool (which is now a space ship from Star Wars. Such a shame he has no imagination! ;-) 

Our close friends, Millers and Castleberrys came over for a shrimp boil and the kids kept the slide going for a few more hours!  I did a terrible job taking pictures that night, but it was because we were just having fun being present. 

Note to self...never, ever send 3 men to a fireworks store without a set budget.  Hypothetically  speaking of course. :-) 

Sunday was a day of relaxing at the pool, my Nana's birthday, and a party at our friends house. Needless to say, a busy day!  Nicholas just took right back to the pool and you would have thought he has been swimming every day all winter! I am so proud of how well he swims with his puddle jumper on! 

My Nana turned 84 this weekend, so we had a small party for her Sunday afternoon. She is just doing so well since moving into assisted living and I pray we have many more days like Sunday with her!  Again, I didn't take very many pictures. 

Yesterday we spent the day swimming with friends at their pool. Nicholas just kills me how much he loves the water and how well he is doing swimming! 

All in all, it was an absolutely fabulous weekend or as my almost 4 year old said Saturday, it was one of "the best time ever!"