Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm Back Again!

I'm back!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how busy the last 3 weeks have been!  I've been swamped at work; thrown a bridal shower and hosted 30 people at my house; a couple of lake days; day trip to Knoxville; hung, tagged and dropped off 90 items to a consignment sale; and studied and took my ACLS test.  It has been a hard 3 weeks, but it's kind of downhill from here for a few weeks!  Whew!  So, without further ado, here is what is on my mind today.

Two weeks ago one of my closest friends at work moved to Florida and it was so hard to say goodbye.  We had a party for her the day before she left and I'm sad to say that I only have 1 picture of the two of us and it is not flattering of either of us, and because I want her to stay my friend, I'll keep it to myself! Haha!  It has been a sad couple of weeks without her at work, but I am happy she got to move to a nice, warm, sunny place and I can't wait to see her when we go to Disney! :-)

Nicholas is getting funnier by the day.  His newest thing is if he falls down, hits his head or anything that could cause him to be hurt he jumps up and says "I ok!"  It is so funny!  He is also about 90% potty trained!  He is doing so good lately!  He hasn't had a pee-pee accident in about a week and no accidents at all in about 4 days!  Woohoo!

I am on the last leg of Disney planning now!  It is down to the last minute crafting, buying, and packing.  Any advice for packing my bag for the park or anything a mom of a spirited 3 year old needs at Disney?  We have also decided to spend a day/night at the beach on our way and the day we leave Disney.  Any suggestions of a hotel near Jacksonville or St. Augustine?  Nicholas is getting super excited!  He got his own personalized maps in the mail last week and he LOVED looking at his "treasure maps of the kingdom" (also known as the Magic Kingdom! Haha!)

High school football kicked off with the area jamboree in Chattanooga Friday night and it was an awesome night for it with a high of 73, low humidity, and cloudy!  I'm getting all of our green and gold clothes ready and Nicholas is already saying "GO SEAHAWKS!" to prepare for the 1st real game of the season this week!  anytime he sees football on TV!  Haha!  I'm still so thankful my dad got this opportunity to continue coaching.  It is truly his gift to touch the lives of kids and it is something I wish I had recognized before, but it's hard to see when you are the same age as his players!  

Last Thursday was the 1st consignment presale I participate in of the season!  
I took 90 items last Sunday and I did pretty well shopping Thursday.  Also, I've sold over $100 worth of items in just 2 days of the sale being open!  The next one is in 2 weeks and then the big one I love so much is in mid-September.  If you do not shop consignment sales, you should!  Check out my posts from March on shopping and consigning. It is so worth the time to find awesome deals on clothes your kids will grow out of quickly!  Here was the find of the night...a barely used Power Wheels Jeep for $100!  The big Santa gift is done in August! Yes!

Last night Michael and I had our 1st date night in about 8 months!  We didn't know what to do with ourselves!  We went to a new bar and had drinks and appetizers then went to one of our favorite downtown restaurants for dinner.  It was good night and a big thanks to Gigi and Pawpaw for keeping our little man for the night! 

My new office is finally in order and settled!  I got my permanent desk 2 weeks ago and I hope to finish a little more organization soon. I'm still trying to figure out how I want all of my files and organize my books.  We have a large office and I am a long way from where I see patients, but I love my window and being in a quiet area. 

That just about sums it up!  I'm going to do a few separate posts over the next couple of weeks of the bridal shower, football, and my Disney crafting that I am working on now.  Hopefully now that things have settled down just a little I can get caught back up here.