Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mission Make An Egg Day 1-3

I have been an overall bad blogger over the past few days, but I had decided before I started the clomid that I wanted to keep a diary of sorts on here to document how I felt on my clomid. One, it's my blog and I'll blog what I want, second, I know some of you are wondering what to expect yourselves!
There it is, the most important prescription I've ever had least in my mind!

Monday, CD 5, Clomid Day 1
I am taking my clomid in the morning, just because that is when I take my aspirin and folic acid. I felt good today and didn't have any side effects.

Tuesday, CD 6, Clomid Day 2
Had a mini hot flash around 3:00, but that could have been stress from the crazy afternoon in office, not sure. Felt a little more hungry than normal, again, who knows if that has anything to do with clomid. Most important thing was a dull pinching, stabbing pain in my left pelvic area that started late and went away pretty quickly.

Wednesday, CD 7, Clomid Day 3
Woke up at 3:40 with that same stabbing pain, only much worse. Went back to sleep, still there when alarm went off at 6:30. Hot flashes more noticeable today, definitely the real thing! Ha! Also, no moodiness or anxiousness! PTL! As day went on and especially after on my feet this afternoon, abdominal pain got worse. Called OB office. Take 600mg motrin at 4:00 and again at bedtime. If it gets worse or motrin doesn't help, call Dr. Smith (the OB, not the surgeon boss!). If they do not see me in the ER tonight, appointment at 9:30 am for ultrasound to check for hyperstimulation or cyst.

So, that leads me to my next question...if you've ever taken clomid, did you have any pain like this? What if clomid hyperstimulates me or causes cysts, can I take a different drug next cycle? Anyone know what my options would be? I am so frustrated with the possibility that I may have to quit my cycle or that it may not be working correctly. I won't be surprised, as nothing ever goes as I have them planned!

One more thing...please keep this sweet family in your prayers. They need them! Katie had baby Reese yesterday and things aren't looking good. Kelly will probably have updates as they become available.


Lianna Knight said...

I have a TON of questions...I'm going to email you :)

Anonymous said...

So I lurk here but I don't think I have ever commented. I am currently taking Provera to get my cycle started and will be starting Clomid more than likely towards the end of the month.

THANK YOU for posting your Clomid journal. So extremely helpful and it makes me less stressed about the unknown.

Saying big prayers for you this cycle!

Kyla Jean

Justin and Jessica said...

I took 14 rounds of Clomid. I had hot flashes REALLY bad and migraines. I also had cysts, but they were not sure if that was caused by the clomid, because I grew up having monthy cysts from about 13 years old on.

Hoping and praying you have good news from the doctor.

Anonymous said...

I hated clomid and it did not work for me at all. I did not ovulate. I did not have hotflashes. I took Letrizol after clomid though and it made me ovulate and had way fewer side effects. Also, insurance covered it since it has another use as a breast cancer medicine.

Michelle said...

I took clomid and worked both times. First time it worked the first time, and the 2nd time it was month 2 or 3. Dont remember if I had any side affects, but I dont think so. Im thinking good thoughts for you! Praying!

Jenna said...

If you experience problems with clomid, ask about femara! But I'm sure you'll do great!

Kristi said...

I took clomid 3 cycles in a row. Never really had any complaints about it. I don't remember any hot flashes. I did have lots of minor pelvic pain and ovary pain but nothing that alarmed me did end up overstimulating me and caused tons of cysts. My OB didn't do ultrasounds to watch anything so the 3rd month I had a cyst bust and it was so painful until it did. I woke up one morning in screaming pain. After several hours it busted and I felt better. After doing an ultrasound they found several more large cysts and fluid. I did have to stop all meds for several months to let my ovaries have a break. Then the next step was to go to a fertility specialist.

Lindsey said...

I love the title of your post! I think that your side effects sound completely normal. Just wanted to mention that taking it at night before you go to sleep can reduce side effects. Hope this is your month!!! You are in my prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

I am a sucess story times 2 of clomid, not twins, just two children after using clomid. I do remember the hot flashes, maybe a little abdominal pain, but nothing severe. Praying for you!