Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School

Yesterday was the day we had looked forward to for a long time, the first day at our new school!  As you know, we elected to give Nicholas a "bonus year" by attending the state funded PreK at his elementary school. So far, that has been the best decision we've ever made for him!  He LOVES it!  

Sunday night we read back to school books after we got our bath and got in bed early for the big day. He was excited and nervous, but not as much as Mommy! I had such mixed emotions, and still do 2 days into it. For 5 years he has rode to work with me and been at daycare right next door to my office. Now he is 25 minutes away. I also worry about him going to the cafeteria, after school care, and those type of things. It's a big step!

He was so excited to get up and get to school!  When we dropped him off he didn't seem to care at all! (Huge improvement over last year) He ran in to find his cubby, put his stuff up and get to a table to sit. He sat at a puzzle table and was happy as he could be! 

I cried a lot Sunday night and did fine on Monday until his teacher asked how I was doing then I lost it. I was the crazy sniffing pregnant mom leaving the classroom after telling him bye 5 times. After I got back home and thought about how excited he was and happy, I finally felt better. 

I picked him up around 4:00 so he could get used to going to after school care before he had to go until 5:30 today. He loved it too and when I picked him up he ran up to me with a big hug and kiss and said he loved school! I couldn't have been more relieved. We immediately went to get an ice cream to celebrate both of us surviving big day! 

This morning he got up on his own, ran into our room excited for another day!  He walked around for 10 minutes with his backpack waiting on me to fix his lunch and for Michael to take him to school. After Michael took him to school he called me to say he did great!  He walked in, put his stuff up, went over to a table to sit, and never looked back!

I am so proud of my big boy!