Thursday, August 27, 2009

It was a Happy/Sad kind of day

Today was a day of mixed emotions...

For those of you who have a regular cell but love to text and facebook from your phone, run, don't walk, and get you a BlackBerry Curve!!! I seriously LOVE this thing! It has made my day so much better. It cut my texting time in half! Ha! Seriously, my boss commented on how fast my response time was! Ha! (Excuse the was-at-work-for-10-hours-today look!)

Then, when I got home, I found this on my doorstep! My latest piece of jewelry from Lia Sophia, the Pink Carnation necklace! It is so cute, pink, purple, and brown all in one necklace!

I had to go to a reunion committee meeting (more on that in a soon to come post!) after work at Panera, so I brought this home for dinner. YUM! I love Sierra Turkey!!!!

Now there was a down side to my day. Went for ANOTHER US today only to find that I did NOT have ANY follicles, so now it appears I might have been right all along and DID ovulate last week. OR I might have just not done anything at all. My OB was in a delivery and his partner did the US, so he is supposed to be calling me tomorrow with some answers.


Anna said...

hmmm. More IF mystery. :(

Love that necklace though!
Have an awesome day, see you tomorrow.

Kelly’s Korner said...

UGH Amanda - I'm so sorry. But I'm confident with your doctor monitoring you so closely - it's GOING to happen. Hang in there.
I'm glad the rest of your day was good. Have fun with Courtney!

Lauren said...

Girl, hope you get the answers you're looking for!!

I knew you'd love that blackberry!!! I LOVE mine!!!