Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Around The Corner

I went to Hobby Lobby today and realized how close we are to seeing this...

It just made me want to pee in my pants I was so excited!!!! Ok, well maybe just squeal really loud! But anyway, I did get a couple of awesome things there.
I thought this was a super cute little jack-o-lantern to put a candle in and sit on my bar. I also lost my fine china salt and pepper shakers in the fire (tears), so instead of paying big bucks to replace them, I'm going to get cute little seasonal ones instead, so I got some pumpkins! I also found these adorable spreaders for fall.
I've been looking for something for our hallway or foyer. Not sure where I'll put this yet, but how perfect is this? An "L" and part of our wedding verse!!!!
I found this espresso frame for our engagement picture that hangs in our bedroom (yes, my hair was SUPER dark here. That's my natural, no gray yet, hair! Hmmmm, I wasn't married yet, maybe that is why I have so many gray hairs now????)
Then I went by and visited with my Nana. She was always the most phenomenal cook you'll ever meet until she was diagnosed with dementia. Now all of her cookbooks just sit on a shelf (not that she ever used any of them!). So, on my way out the door I asked her if I could have 2005-2008 (2009 isn't available yet) of the Southern Living Annual cookbooks!!!! I've been looking for them on ebay for awhile because I wanted all the one's since we've been married. I am so happy that she let me have them! I hope to get the rest of the collection (as in everyone of them since 1979!) one day. My dream is to have an entire bookshelf FULL of cookbooks, just like she has! (I need to add a bookshelf in the kitchen to my wishlist for my next house!)
It is a BEAUTIFUL day here! It is only 80 degrees and sunny! Michael and I have tickets to the Southern Brewer's Festival downtown tonight and hopefully he will be able to come home a little early so we can get there soon!!!! I had planned to wear a cute skirt and tank top, but now I'm thinking more like jeans! Wow! Fall is in the air!!! (too bad we all know that it's not here to stay :-( ) Then tomorrow morning we have our follow up ultrasound with OB Dr. Smith at 10:30ish. He is supposed to call in the morning to verify the time. I'll update as soon as we get home from there. Please pray that we have either ovulated already (which TMI, I think I have) or that there is at least ONE healthy follicle!

PS: I updated my recipe blog! I added my crock pot teriyake chicken and salsa recipes!


Lianna Knight said...

Girl...we are JUST alike!! I went to Hobby Lobby today too...I bought some fabric for a little project I wanted to do. I also browsed the fall items and picked up two cute little leaf baskets for my next giveaway.

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow...I'll be praying for you.

Jenn said...

I cannot wait for fall. This heat is really getting to me. I love fall and I know that you do too. And this year, I can have coffee!!!!

Anna said...

I *loooove* the L art!!! I need one with a P! But that's prob not an option. Did you get it at Hobby Lobby?

Lauren said...

I am so ready for the fall and the holidays!!!! My favorite time of the year!!!! Love the wall piece. Have a GREAT weekend!!