Saturday, May 26, 2012

19-23 Months

I know, I know, I say this all of the time, but I'm going to get caught up and stay that way! Guess mac is fixed and I don't have to wait on Michael to bring his laptop home anymore!!!  Now the issue will be finding time to actually blog.  I'm also going back public, but we will see how long I stay that way, we will see if that helps me stay motivated! Ha!

Anyway, where oh where to begin???  Let's see...

Nicholas is now 22, almost 23 months old.  WHERE DID MY BABY GO???  He is 30 pounds, almost 38 inches and according to his dr, almost the size of a THREE year old!  He talks non stop and his thing now is to ask "what's that?" about EVERYTHING and to make animal sounds.  My favorites are pig which he snorts or a monkey "ah ah ah"!  He is so funny these days!  Everyday is a new day with him.

He will still eat just about anything, but chicken spaghetti, hot dogs, and pizza seem to be the overwhelming favorites with a banana as his favorite morning selection.  He has 16 teeth as of this week.  He now has his painful eye teeth. He got his 1st set of molars at 17 months in December and these FINALLY broke through last week.  He enjoys brushing his teeth with his Cars spin brush and will say "ahhhhh" while you brush his teeth!

His favorite toys are any of his ride on toys, but mostly his tricycle and his swingset (more on that on another post coming soon!).  He loves his dogs (Spencer and my parents Beagle, Beasley) and loves to try to ride them.  I spend a lot of time saying "we don't ride the dog".  Mickey Mouse is his favorite thing in the world.  He will run from across the house if he hears Mickey coming on TV (look for an Oh Twodles birthday extravaganza coming your way soon!).  He yells "Ickey" as soon as he sees or hears Mickey.  He also renamed my Dad Pawpaw from Grandpa in April.  Cracks me up!  He now calls us: Mama, Dad, Gigi, Pawpaw, Nana, Gadad (granddad), Melmo (mamaw), and Specer (spencer).

We moved up to size 5 diapers at the end of March.  4s still fit, but 5s fit better because of his height.  He is just tall and skinny.  He wears 24 months or 2T depending on the fit and brand.  He wears 24m in Polo,  Carter's, but 2T in Gymboree and Gap.  He now has a size 7 wide foot!  CRAZY!

We found out on May 1 in the ER that he probably has an autoimmune type disorder called erythema nodosum (basically a skin rash reaction to who knows what).  We aren't planning to have him tested until he is much older.
Yes, it does look like hand foot and mouth, but three different doctors all said it was definitely not that.
He still loves school.  We went through a rough patch for about a month at 21 months, but now he seems to really enjoy it again.  He went without a single tear this past week! PTL!  He goes right in, sits down to eat, turns around and says "bye Mama!"  As soon as he sees me in the afternoon he screams "MAMA" and comes running to me!  Melt my heart!
I still find it hard to believe that his 2nd birthday is just a few weeks away.  Where did my little baby go?!