Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jewelry, Food, and Some New Friends!

Last night and today was my Grand Opening/Open House for my Lia Sophia business! I took the day off yesterday and cleaned and got the house ready. I love to entertain, so I was SUPER excited to host my own party to introduce my friends and family to my new business! I had some yummy appetizers like chips and salsa, cheese ball, cupcakes, and jalapeno poppers! YUM!
I sat up a display of all the jewelry that I had on my island.
I met a bloggy friend!!!! Courtney and Lauren came to the party and we had SO MUCH FUN! Kelly, we missed you! We are expecting you at the next one at Courtney's house on Sept. 19! :-)
Here are the three bloggy friends, Anna, Courtney, and me! We had so much fun we are considering a girls weekend soon!!!!
And, our babies playing together! Spencer and Lauren loved each other and played so well together. Made me feel MUCH better about bringing a baby into his house!
Not sure why my pics are so grainy. I guess I've got it on some weird setting again! Oops! Anyway, I had a great opening party and if anyone wants to book their own party, it is WELL worth it! I got $330 of free jewelry for doing this one as the hostess! Let me know if you are interested!

Now got to run get ready to join Anna and Brandon for dinner at Logan's to celebrate the success of our opening party!!!!!


Todd and Courtney said...

So.Much.Fun. We are totally doing a girl's weekend. Just need to talk Kelly into coming, HA :) Thanks for having me over!

Anna said...

YAY for fun times with friends and jewelry!!! :)