Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dr Appt Updates

I got so/so news from urologist. There really isn't anything to do for my current stones (they are in my kidneys, so not actually causing pain at the moment) and they are stable, meaning they haven't grown any. He will see me back every three months to watch for any growth or travel. At that time, we'll look at where we are OB wise and decide what to do. He did tell me his daughter went through IF and he agrees that should be my priority at this time. That made me happy!

On that note, the OB office called right after lunch and I will see them tomorrow morning to check for any progress. I am pretty much convinced I've ovulated, but we'll see what he finds on US tomorrow!

And lastly, we are less than FOUR months from CHRISTMAS!!!!! Actually, today is THREE months from my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving (which is why I am showing you a picture of my table at Thanksgiving!). Why is that my favorite you ask? Because when else do you get 4 days off from work (in my case 2 with pay!), lots of food and family in one day, shop till you drop the next day, and decorate for Christmas ALL in ONE weekend???!


Brittney said...

ahh- Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as well. I am thinking about hosting it at our house this year- brave!!! Good luck tomorrow!

Laurie said...

I am with you about Thanksgiving! Very exciting times are just around the corner! I will pray for you tomorrow.

Angela said...

Oh, I *love* the fall! I love all of it!! Because it all leads up to Thanksgiving (LOVE BLACK FRIDAY!!) and Christmas! But the anticipation is the best of all!

Benjamin and I are coming in to see Dr. Smith tomorrow at 10:00 for a post-op appt. Maybe we'll see you there! :)

Anna said...

You *MUST* text me as soon as you get done at the OB. *MUST*. :) haha