Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloodwork Results

My OB's nurse just called with my day 3 (or in my case, day 2) bloodwork. My FSH was 5.5, exactly perfect, and my estradol was 46.3. No wonder my ovaries are working so hard! Ha! Does anyone know how all this works together with my follicle US on CD 15??? (I know I am a nurse, but unless we are talking ventilators, chest tubes, colostomies, or gun shot wounds, I'm out of luck! All this OB stuff is like another language to me!)

THANK YOU!!!! For all the comments yesterday. I feel much better. The nurse also told me that they RARELY see someone have more than one on clomid, even with multiple follicles.


Lianna Knight said...

okay....where are ALL your comments??? I wanted to read everyone's input...I'm expecting to have all the same questions :)

Lianna Knight said...

Check out my post when you get a minute...I heard the best sermon at church today...I swear it was meant for those of us going through this infertility journey!!