Friday, March 18, 2011

The Past Two Months of Illness

We APPEAR to be on the downhill side of a very sick, hard two months.  My sweet boy was sick pretty much continuously from January 22 until well, this week.  We had a week or two in the middle that he seemed to be better, but then he would just get sick again.
If you recall, I posted about his week with RSV here.  Well, that was just the beginning.  He never seemed to quite kick it and after two weeks and both his teacher and I knowing something just wasn't right, I took him to a pediatric urgent care on February 9.  I told the dr I felt that he had an ear infection, but he blew it off and said he thought it was just the RSV running it's course.  It wasn't.  On Valentine's Day I picked him up and he had a 101.6 fever.  We went to the dr the next morning and he had his 2nd double ear infection in three weeks.  He was put on omnicef and we thought he would be better soon.
 This was taken three days later.  Obviously he wasn't better.  He threw up and didn't want to eat.  On Friday, February 18 I had my 2nd epidural injection and when my mom went in to get him knew something was wrong.  He was just lying on the floor and his teacher said he had been like that for about an hour.  We took him to the pedi immediately and his ears were both about to have ruptured ear drums they were so full of pus!  I felt terrible that I let it get that bad, but honestly I thought it was just his medicine making his appetite so bad.  Guess not.  :-(  He got two rocephin injections that weekend and on Monday.
I thought this was cute.  My mom fixed him some real potatoes (without butter or milk of course!) and carrots after his appointment and shot on Saturday.  He loved it and played it for a while.  So cute!  He was starting to feel a lot better already.

By Friday he was all better, but had a random fever when we went to the pedi so she checked him for the flu, guess what, it was POSITIVE!!!  I wanted to cry and so did she!  We spent ANOTHER weekend in the house and he played and played and played.  We couldn't even tell that he was sick.  Judge for yourself...
Pretty sure we swabbed him for his flu test at the end instead of the beginning of his virus.  He did great by Monday and had a good week.  I thought this outfit was adorable and just HAD to show you our healthy boy playing in between illnesses a couple weeks ago.  So sweet!

He did so good for two weeks, then last Thursday I walked out with a new nurse at work and was telling her all about our long two months and made the comment "I think we are FINALLY better".  Well, we weren't.  As soon as I walked in to daycare they were telling me he had been lethargic since his afternoon nap, but no fever.  I got him home and within an hour had a temp of 102.6!  I called the on call nurse and she said to give him tylenol and watch him over night.  He was a little better feverwise by morning, but we still went to see Dr. Spraggins and sure enough, ANOTHER double ear infection!!!  We have an appointment to see the ENT on Monday.  Hopefully we can get tubes very soon and not get yet another infection waiting for surgery.

Now you are pretty much caught up on the L-O-N-G two months we have had.  I am completely and utterly exhausted.  Poor baby still coughs during the night and wakes me up when I hear him over the monitor.  He has slept all night throughout all of this, but we haven't.  At one point I had gone 36 days without a full nights sleep!  Between that, work, and just trying to stay afloat at home, the poor blog has suffered.  I'm hoping to get back on track, but can't promise.  I'll be honest with you, I just don't have the motivation to blog that often anymore.  I want to spend more time with my family and by the time Nicholas goes to bed, I am not far behind him.  We'll see, but hopefully I'll get caught up soon!  I have lots of cute pictures and even a couple videos to show you!