Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

We have had some serious Spring Fever at our house lately.  The past few weekends have been awesome!  A couple of weeks ago Michael took Nicholas to a park on his day off and they sent me this picture on my cell.  I loved it, but almost cried at how big he looked!
 I thought these pictures were cute.  This was about five weeks ago when it first got warm outside.  It was the first time he sat in the grass.
 He wasn't too sure!
He also got a new stroller last weekend.  I LOVE my travel system and my big Chicco stroller, but we also needed something a little smaller for traveling and just running around town.  Here he is in his new stroller getting ready for his first walk around the subdivision in months.  Again, he looks like such a big boy (don't look at his too short pants, they were just for playing outside)!!!

Also last weekend, we bought a swing for our patio and needless to say, the kid LOVES it!  Judge for yourself!

 He swings almost every night when we get home before dinner and seems to really enjoy it and being outside.  Last night we spent some time outside and he was just so sweet.  I love spending all of my time with him!

 Still not really sure about the grass, but getting there.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  We sure did!