Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Little Graduate

Today was an exciting day at our house!  Nicholas graduated from PreK!  He has been at his daycare/preschool since he was 12 weeks old and today was his last day of "school" there! Now he gets to go to summer camp and be a big kid!!!
(Ignore his socks and Sperrys! It's the only way he will wear them! Ha!)

It's hard for me to believe this sweet little 12 week old baby is now a PreK graduate and will be leaving his current school for the PreK-5 at his elementary school next year.

He is so excited to move on to the "premary" (primary) school all of his friends in the neighborhood go to.  I'm sad that he will no longer be right across the street from my office and I won't have that time in the car with him twice a day. I love the thought of my babies being so close by during the day! (Aliza will be attending the same daycare when I return to work after Thanksgiving)

His little graduation was so sweet and he looked so grown up! The cap and gown kill me! 

Receiving his diploma from his teacher

This little boy and Nicholas have been together in every class since they were 3 months old. We are going to miss him and his family next year. 

Tomorrow they have a day of fun planned to celebrate before moving on to kids camp...which is all we've heard about for months!  Apparently once you go to kids camp you're grown! Haha! 

Nicholas we are so proud of you and how much you have learned! I hope you always have the desire to read and to learn!