Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Every year I try to make a Summer Bucket List for our family. I consider this to be the kickoff weekend for Summer so I made a list of summertime goals for our little family! 

1.  Lots of Pool Time
2.  Homemade Ice Cream (definitely Nana's peach ice cream and Gigi's Milky Way ice cream!)
3.  Go to a Baseball Game
4.  Host a BBQ
5.  Friends over for Shrimp Boils, our favorite!
6.  Watch Fireworks
7.  Catch Fireflies
8.  Enjoy a Watermelon Together
9.  Play Outside More and Enjoy longer days 
10. Go To The Lake
11. Make a Waterslide in the Backyard
12. Play in the Sprinkler
13. Make a Keylime Pie
14. Plant Flowers around the Patio
15. Bubbles in the Backyard 

......Just enjoy being together and soaking up the last few months of being a family of 3!