Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baby Sister Update

We got a good look at baby sister a couple of weeks ago and today I saw my OB for my regular check up. He is very happy how things are going! Michael and Nicholas went with me to my big anatomy ultrasound and it was so fun to watch Nicholas see his sister for the first time. He had to take her pictures in to show his class when he went back to school!

We got some really good shots of her hand and foot, but she still is really shy and isn't a fan of showing her face!  She enjoys keeping her hands up by her face and has been in this position the last two times we've looked at her. 

And of course we double checked to make sure she is still a girl, and she is!  

I am so relieved that she is healthy and doing well. My OB doesn't do ultrasounds every time, so that will probably be our last glimpse at baby sister until we see her in the delivery room! It is still hard for me to believe that God has given us two healthy babies when there was a time we never thought we would have one. We have definitely been blessed!  

I go back in another 4 weeks and will take my glucose test. Yay! We all know how much fun that is! I'm a little nervous about that because I feel bad every time I eat something really sweet, but I have to trust that everything will be ok!