Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wedding Weekend

We have had a fun, but busy weekend. Michael's best friend of almost 20 years got married yesterday and both of my boys were in the wedding.  
(I didn't get many good pictures because I didn't carry my good camera just my phone. I'll post more when the professional pictures come out) 
This picture is from our wedding 10 years ago. Chad caught the garter and apparently catching the garter doesn't work like catching the bouquet because it took him another 10 years to get married! Haha! They have been friends since high school and have seen each other through major illnesses and a loss of a parent, good jobs, bad jobs, bad life choices, and now each others weddings. I've learned a lot about friendship by watching them over the last 14 years and their friendship been a blessing me.  

The bride, Melanie got Nicholas this cute shirt and he was so excited to wear it to meet up with the big boys to get ready. He couldn't wait to be the ring bearer and dance at the reception. Michael sent me this picture of Nicholas and Chad after they got dressed and I almost cried! N looked so handsome and I was so happy for our good friend! 
I literally held my breath the entire wedding but Nicholas did so well! 
It was a beautiful wedding! The ceremony was held where we got married and it is always fun to go to a wedding there! 
We are so happy and excited to welcome the new Mrs. Akins to our group of friends! She looked amazing and we are so happy that Chad finally found someone who makes him as happy as Michael and I are! 
Today I have spent most of the day in bed just resting with the Hallmark channel! 
I have developed pubic symphysis diastasis over the last week (meaning my pelvis has spread apart too much, too soon) causing a lot of pain. 7 hours on my feet in heels last night was just too much and I'm paying for it today. I'm looking forward to my doctor appointment on Tuesday and hearing what he has to say about it.