Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's Been Going On Lately

We've had A LOT going on!  Here is a quick recap to get you caught up...

1. We are in the middle of baseball season and Nicholas is doing awesome! He is a completely different child this year and loves it!  He hasn't played in the dirt one time! Ha!

2.  We are going back to Disney in a little more than a week!!!  
This time we are doing a girls plus Nicholas trip with my mom, aunt, and two cousins. I'm excited to take Nicholas back to the happiest place on earth and to to eat my way around the world!  This pregnant girl is planning to eat her weight in Dole Whips, cupcakes, and whatever else I can find!  I'm also excited to try a different hotel on the Disney property this time. I'll be sure to do a full report when we get back!

3.  Nicholas got into PreK 
For months and really about a year I've debated holding Nicholas back and placing him in the state funded preK lottery in our county. It is a completely random, equal opportunity drawing. There were 307 children in the drawing and only 220 spots this year. I have been so nervous! Last Tuesday was the drawing and he got a spot and he even got one at the school we are zoned for!!! We have already received a call from his teacher and she is wonderful!  We are very excited for next school year! 

4.  Getting ready for "sister baby" 
I haven't done much to get ready yet, but we did get an awesome barely used travel system from a friend and I've picked out bedding. Our travel system was in good shape, but sadly our car seat was almost expired, so when I found out our friend had this one I jumped on it!
It's the same travel system we had for Nicholas, but a cute girly design!!! When I picked it up I had to put the seat in the back seat to have room for it and it seemed surreal to have TWO car seats in my backseat!!! 
I've also picked out bedding. We are going to use our chocolate brown guest room with our white baby furniture and ivory, gold, and blush fabrics. Here is a sample of what I found. I'm hoping to order it sometime next month! 

 5. Sister baby does have a name and I have a fun reveal planned soon, so stay tuned! It is a classic, but unique name that I've loved for about 15 years.

6. I've had even more blonde put in my hair and I'm loving it. I needed to cover my grey a little more and it just makes me feel like summer is getting close! 

That about covers it!  The next week is slammed between now and our trip, but we have our big anatomy ultrasound next week so hopefully we will get a good look at sister baby and I'll have some pictures to share!  We had a quick, informal ultrasound on my birthday, but she has refused to uncross her legs and wouldn't take her hands off of her face, so we didn't get any good pictures! It would appear as though I have another spirited child on my hands! Haha!