Wednesday, April 15, 2015

34 and Goals For The Next Year

This past weekend Michael and I both turned 34. 33 was a year of many ups and downs and we are definitely looking forward to all the changes coming our way. 33 brought the year where we devoted ourselves to our marriage and to creating a solid foundation for our future. It also was the year we each accomplished a lot in our careers. In all of our ups and downs we leaned on each other and I can't imagine going through all that we did without each other. 

At 34 we are looking ahead to several new adventures and changes!  Nicholas will start "big boy school", a new sweet baby girl will join our family, and we continue to work on building a strong marriage and partnership. We have found that even after 10 years of marriage (and 14 together) that it is a continuous effort. In the next year I plan to continue to be in the moment while I'm at home and with my family. I have really improved on giving myself grace and saying no to prevent being stretched too far and feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I want to find more time for me to enjoy some quiet time and work on my devotionals that have been collecting dust over the last few crazy months. I want to work on my relationships with friends, family, and most importantly God. 

I know my blog has suffered over the last couple of years, but that is part of my commitment to being in the moment. This time in our lives is so short and I don't want to look back and regret sitting at the computer while my children grew up around me. Please continue to understand my sporadic blogging. I'm hoping one day to find time to blog more frequently, but for now I'm just enjoying my time with my little family!