Sunday, April 6, 2014

We Are Still Alive!

Just wanted to pop in and reassure everyone we are ok, just super busy!  Since I last posted, we've had baseball twice a week, a game, a tournament, I've been out of town for a work trip, trauma season is in full swing a little early so work has been crazy, and life has simply just taken priority.  Here is a quick recap of where we have been...

1. Nicholas is LOVING baseball and we are having so much fun!  He is doing pretty good when we can get him to stop playing in the dirt and wear his helmet to bat! Haha!  He had his first game a few weeks ago and is in a tournament this weekend.  I'm hoping to find time for a post about that tonight or later this week!

2. Three weeks ago I had an overnight work trip. That was a new thing for me!  I went to Knoxville for an OSHA class to help train for my new position.  It was a good break from the everyday routine, but I was happy to be back home with my boys when it was over!  I want to give a huge shout out to all of those Mommies that travel often.  I have no clue how you stay organized and pull it off!

3. Nicholas had a new babysitter a couple of Saturdays ago!  Nicholas has gotten to know one of my Dad's former players by seeing him at games and at my parents house a couple of times and has just fallen in love with him.  He came over and kept Nicholas while we went to a birthday party and it went great! They had a lot of fun and I'm so thankful Nicholas has someone like him to look up to! 

4. I have kept my resolution to spend more time with friends and having a monthly night out.  In January I went to dinner, February went to a wine tasting, and last Monday went to a paint and wine party with the ADPi alum group.  So much fun!  My cousin is also a member of the group, so it was fun to paint and spend some time with her.  This was our group

and my painting...
Not a masterpiece, but I think I'm going to hang it in my office to add some color.

5.  Last Friday we took Nicholas bowling for the first time.  He LOVED it!  He did pretty good too!

Michael won the first game, but I killed them the second!  :-)

That is just a quick summary and recap of our last month.  It has been wild and crazy, but mostly fun!