Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Baseball Tournament

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, Nicholas played in his first game a few weeks ago which was an exhibition type game in a preseason tournament.  His age group just played one game on a Saturday morning and they did great and had a lot of fun!  They earned their first trophies and saw how a game is played.

 After the game we took him downtown for some yummy ice cream.  He chose blue cotton candy and sure did seem to enjoy it!  Haha!

This weekend was our first real tournament and it was a full weekend of baseball!  They played THREE games yesterday and two today!  I still can't believe they made it all weekend!  Haha!  It was only about 5 minutes from our house, so we were able to go back and forth between games and I think that helped some.  The first game yesterday was a little touch and go, but the next two he did great!  

Here are some of the highlights of day 1:

Getting a hit on his first at bat!

During Game 2 they figured out exactly what they are supposed to do, catch the ball...but they ended up piling on and fighting over it...

 During Game 3 we began to slowly lose them.  This is how my child spend the last inning in the infield...  Haha!

We had a little later start today and only played two games.  The motivation today was that if they did well and everyone played hard, they would all get a trophy.  It's amazing what a trophy will do to motivate a kid!  Hahaha!

Nicholas' fan club came in full force this weekend!  Yesterday his Aunt Peggy came to his 1st game, today Lindsey and Katie came to both games and his Gigi and Pawapw stuck it out all weekend with us!  He is definitely a lucky little boy with such a large fan base!  :-)

Today didn't go quite as well as yesterday, but we still had fun!
 During the break today Nicholas had fun playing with his "new friends" as he calls them!
 We did have one little mishap today.  During the 1st inning of the last game, Nicholas got an abrasion to his arm and it was quite dramatic...and traumatic.  After we got him cleaned up and a couple of bandaids on it, he felt that it was just too hard to run, so he slowly walked from base to base while carrying his arm.  LOL!

When the games were over Gigi took him to the concession stand for 2 lollipops!  Pretty sure that was the highlight of his day, other than the trophy!
 We are sooooooo proud of these guys!  They played so hard all weekend and I just love our coaches!  Lori and Sue are awesome!  No way could I do what they are doing!
 Nicholas loved getting his trophy!  When they called his name he was so excited!
 As soon as we got home he ran and put it up on his dresser with his other trophy.  He should be proud of himself!  This was a hard weekend, but it was fun and worth how tired we all are tonight!