Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Night of Baseball!

Tuesday night was our first ever attempt to play organized sports and Nicholas loved it! It was so cold, so we had to bundle up as best as we could for practice, so he had one 3 different shades of blue and 3 different sets of stripes, but he was warm and cute anyway! :-)  We got there just in time and he started out by learning how to let the ball roll between his legs.

Next they had batting practice. Oh. My. Word. It was adorable!  He swung 5 or 6 times but finally got a hit!  It was the first time he has ever hit a ball pitched to him, so excuse his loud, obnoxious mother cheering at the end of this video. :-)

They practiced running the bases and he said that was his favorite...possibly because they got a skittle every time they made it around! 

All in all it was a great practice. Nicholas definitely needs to work on waiting his turn and the concept of hitting the ball not on a tee, but otherwise he did great! He woke up the next morning and immediately asked if he could go to baseball today! We've had practice again since and he did great again!  He has two more practices and then their first game!  GO LIL' ROOKIES!!!!