Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Since it is now Tuesday, I guess I should post our weekend wrap up!   Better late than never!  
Our weekend started off great!  Nicholas and I took the day off Friday to get some things done around the house, his haircut, and to go to the dentist. (More on that trip in another post!) My sweet boy grows hair fast like I do and as my hairstylist says, he has the head of hair of a 30 year old, so after 7 weeks, he was in a world of trouble hair wise! Ha!

I also finally had time to sign him up for tee ball this Spring!  Let me just say that get ready, because I am EXCITED about being a ball mom and I'm about to blow up your IG, FB, and blog feed with adorable ball pictures! I also had to laugh when I signed the "ethics clause" because Michael always laughs that my Dad and I might get thrown out of a tee ball game as worked up as we get over my Dad's games! I can assure you, we will behave! ;-)  In all seriousness, I have spent my entire life keeping cool and holding my tongue and opinions at games, even when it has made me so mad I cried, so I'm pretty sure if I can handle someone talking ugly about my dad as a coach or his players, I can handle tee ball...I hope! 

Friday night we had another Friday fun night with our friends. This week we stepped it up a notch and took the crew to Chuck E Cheese. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked because it was wild, but fun!  My boys went during the Fall while I was at my some of my Dad's away or colder games. Nicholas was like a pro! He could work those games like he was 10! I die! 
It was fun to actually get to go with them and play a little myself! 
Ok, maybe more than a little...thanks to my skee ball skills, we had over 600 tickets to cash out! Woohoo!

Saturday didn't go as planned...at all!  We were supposed to have a day full of birthday parties and errands, but I woke up at 2:40 with what I've decided to call the Chuck E Cheese plague. I still don't know if it was food posioning or a stomach bug but I felt like death until midday Sunday. The boys went ahead and went to the first party of the day for a little boy at school. Nicholas had a great time!  I love that he is so close to his school friends, but I'm also sad that none of them will be together after next year as they all go to different kindergartens. :-(
By the time we started to get ready for party number 2, Nicholas said he didn't feel well and had a temp of 100.4...change of plans again. Into pjs he went and ibuprofen was given!  He had a restless night and even into Sunday still wasn't himself. He just wanted to lie in my bed with Netflix. Since he was sick, I threw the TV allotment out and let him spend his day there. 

Of course, by bedtime Sunday, he was his wild, crazy self without any sign of ever being sick!  I have no clue what we had, but it was rough! 

So, that was our weekend. I'm thankful we had fun Friday since we had to give up on the second half of the weekend!