Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't done one of these posts in a looooong time, so I thought it would be fun!  I've tried several new things lately that I've fallen in love with and wanted to share with you! (I also realized while doing this post that I never use pictures from my camera anymore, only my phone. Sorry for the not as good quality)

1. MomAgenda Personal Portfolio  
I am LOVING my new planner this year.  I love to plan out my day by making a to do list so I don't forget something, especially at work and this allows me to do that for my workday, OSHA things I need to do, and a space for Nicholas, Michael, housework, and even has a line to meal plan dinner!
 It is a little smaller writing space than the Erin Condren, but I love how much more organized by task/person it makes me feel! I also like that after the original investment, I only have to buy refills annually, not $50+ every year. 

2.  BabyLiss Pro Flat Iron
My trusty 5 year old Chi suddenly went to flat iron Heaven one morning when I was running late...of course. I text my hairstylist immediately and told her to order me the same flat iron she uses. I used it for the 1st time on a rainy day I ran errands and at the end of the day it still looked good! Sold! It is awesome and gets my thick, coarse hair stick straight which no other flat iron has been able to do! 
I am in need of a new hair dryer, but do not want to spend a small fortune. Any recommendations?

3. Costco!
(Had to slip a picture of my little shopping buddy in here somewhere for the grandparents)
Ok. So this one is a little dumb, but I cannot tell you how much Michael and I are loving shopping at Costco!  Because clearly we are old, we bought a membership as part of our Christmas to each other and have been hooked since!  I have compared costs of some pantry staples, wine, and meats between my usual grocery store and Costco and I'm saving by buying in bulk, especially if they have it on sale. (Example, 72 Donut House kcups for $29 on sale!) We have found their Kirkland brand marinara sauce, Cabernet (and I'm somewhat of a wine snob!), and meats to be very good! It is on my weekly shopping list now and I'm building a rotating list to keep certain things in our pantry at all times. 

4.  Fleece Lined Leggings
I have always been part of team-no-leggings-as-pants, but I have to say after discovering them this Fall, I've actually lived in them on the weekends!  I wear them with dresses, long sweaters and tunics, and under jeans or scrub pants on really cold days. If you haven't tried them for yourself yet, RUN to find some! (Tip: my Walgreens had them 2/$12 last week!)

***All of these recommendations are 100% uncompensated. I have not been asked to review any of the above items.***