Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Day 3: Hollywood Studios and Meeting Jake!

Tuesday was a HUGE day for our family! We got up and went to Hollywood Studios to meet Nicholas' hero, Jake!  We had a 8:00 ADR at Hollywood and Vine for the Disney Jr Play and Dine character meal.  It was such a fun meal!  Nicholas got to dance along to songs from Jake and The Neverland Pirates and meet Jake.

Jake was right at the door when we got there and was as excited to meet Nicholas as Nicholas was to meet him! :-)  Sadly, he overwhelmed Nicholas a little.  I don't think he expected Jake to be so big and he was a little frightened.  Jake was wonderful with Nicholas though. He kept patting him on the back and playing peek a boo with him.

We also met Special Agent Oso and Handy Manny. June from Little Einsteins was also there, but Nicholas was ready to go before we saw her.  

Nicholas and Daddy did join Handy Manny to sing our favorite pirate song, "Roll Up The Map"!

We finished eating and walked out of the restaurant right at rope drop.  I had been reading and hearing stories about how crazy HS is at rope drop and let me preface this story by saying that since I hurt my knee and back, I don't run unless something is after me.  Well, now we can add "or running for a Toy Story fast pass" to that statement!  When I saw the craziness outside I thought about everything I had read on the Dis forum and thought I better join in.  I took off across the park running in sandals and a heavy backpack with my boys trailing behind looking at me like I had lost my mind!  I actually heard them laughing at one point!  Hahaha!  Notice that no one was laughing at me when I pulled a fast pass for 9:50-10:50 and we walked through the non existing standby line right up to the ride at 8:58!  Haha!  Pretty sure it was Michael's favorite ride of all!  

We had rode on standby and met Buzz and Woody by 9:08! 

Y'all, seriously, September is THE time to go to Disney!  After meeting Buzz and Woody, we went over to Animation Courtyard to see Jake in the park and The Voyage of The Little Mermaid show. We were never able to catch a Disney Jr show, but Nicholas didn't seem to care.  The Little Mermaid show is definitely my favorite of the shows we saw.  It is excellent! 

We finally really met Jake and it was one of my favorite moments of the trip!  Nothing quite like seeing your child meet his 1st hero!  He loved meeting Jake and I loved seeing the happiness in his face!

After we saw Jake and rode Toy Story again, we ate lunch at The Pizza Planet from Toy Story.  Nicholas loved the atmosphere and the pizza was great.

If you want a good value on food, get a dining plan!  I got all of this for JUST one person on our quick service plan!  So.Much.Food. 

I also did a little shopping on the Streets of America in the It's A Wonderful Life Christmas Shop!  I always buy an ornament to remember trips so I got one for my tree and one for the playroom tree (any guesses which is which? Haha!)

We ended up going back to the resort for naps and pool time after lunch.  It was nice to have a relaxing, stress free evening for a change.  We sat at outside by the lake and ate dinner while watching Winnie The Pooh during the Epcot fireworks!  Perfect ending to a relaxing evening before another fun day at the Magic Kingdom!