Sunday, September 22, 2013

Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom!

We got up early on Monday and headed to the food court for some Mickey Waffles!  I am a believer that if you don't eat Mickey waffles before Magic Kingdom, you've already lost some magic. :-)

We rode the Disney bus that is not for our family!  It was so crowded at rope drop and at 9:30pm after Wishes.  The next 2 days we drove and it was much better, but more on that later.  We got to the MK right as the train with the characters did.  It was fun to watch Nicholas' face light up as he saw the characters he loves enter the park.  One of my favorite pictures is this one showing his face when he was at the castle for the 1st time.

We went straight to Fantasyland to ride Peter Pan and it was definitely Nicholas' favorite!  We literally walked on everything we rode in Fantasyland!  It was unbelievable! 

After riding Peter Pan we saw that Peter and Wendy were right next to the ride so we got to meet them!  Nicholas was so happy to meet Peter! (even if you can't tell!)  

After this we walked over to Under The Sea and again, walked right up to the ride.  Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie and it has become Nicholas' favorite story.  He has asked to ride everything Little Mermaid he has seen!  Yay!

I rode in the Dumbo in front of them so I could get their picture riding.  The pure joy on this kid's face is the reason we went! 

All that we have heard for months was how much he wanted to ride "pirates". By 12:30 we finally made it around fantasyland and tomorrowland and walked over to Adventureland for the big moment!  We got there just in time for Jack Sparrow's pirate tutorial.  He sat on the ground mesmerized.  All was well until it was time to ride.  Then it happened.  A Disney-sized meltdown to end all meltdowns.  We don't know what caused it or why it happened, other than being overstimulated, hot, and over tired.  We carried him out to the bus and back for a nap and pool time.  

He woke up around 6:00 and we went back for more fun!  We enjoyed another round of fantasyland and ended our night by walking on Peter Pan...again!  I still can't believe how low the crowds were!  I never dreamed in a million years it would be such low crowds.  I think it is a great time of year to go and I am so glad we did!

By the time we realized how it was, all the restaurants had closed!  Oops!  We left the park with the masses after Wishes and packed in the bus.  We ended up eating at the resort for the 3rd meal that day, but it was actually good.  I had a really good salmon, broccoli, and rice that was perfect after a long, hot park day!

We ended up going to sleep around 11:00 (3 hours after Nicholas' normal bedtime) looking forward to our early ADR to meet Jake at Hollywood and Vine bright and early on Tuesday...