Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disney Day 4: Magic Kingdom Last Day

We spent 2 days in the Magic Kingdom and I am so glad we did.  I highly recommend spending at least 2 if not 3 there with a little kid.  Day 4 was our absolute best day and I would say in my top 5 best days EVER anywhere!  We had so much fun and Nicholas had pure happiness all over his face all day!  Made me want to stay in the Magic Kingdom forever! 

We slept in that morning and finally got to the park around 11:30.  After riding the crowded bus on Monday and seeing how easy it was to drive to Hollywood Studios the day before, Michael decided we should just drive over and take the Ferry into the Magic Kingdom. Y'all, this was so fun and magical!  Best decision we made all week! 

The only negative of the entire day was when I went to take a picture of the Ferry sign, I realized the memory card from my camera was back at the hotel in my laptop! :-(  All I can say is thank The Lord for iPhone having a decent camera! 

I was worried about not getting there at rope drop and having to wait in long lines, but that wasn't the case!  I really cannot emphasize enough how light the crowds were!  It was amazing and unbelievable to just walk around fantasyland and not wait to ride Under The Sea or anything else!  There was an hour long wait for Peter Pan but I got fast passes for that at noon and we only waited about 5-10 minutes at 1:45 in the fast pass line. 

We walked up right as the Dream Along With Mickey show started. It is such a cute little show and I was happy Nicholas finally saw Captain Hook and Mr. Smee! 

It started raining around the time we finally got to ride Pirates of The Caribbean and we ran to Columbia Harbor House to get the lobster roll I had been promising Michael.  This thing was huge, but so good! 

It rained off and on the rest of the day, which was awesome. It cooled the temperature down and it wasn't so bad. We did jump on the Tomorrowland People Mover and Carrosuel of Progress to take a break and get out of the rain for a few minutes.  

Two of three favorite pictures of the entire trip happened in Tomorrowland that day.  Nicholas drove a race car and the look on his face is my favorite!  Michael said he laughed the entire time he drove. 

After the speedway we got the customary Mickey ice cream.  This picture is just classic and is going in the front of my Disney scrapbook! 

We went back around to adventureland (where we started the day) and rode Pirates yet again and let Nicholas pick out a few things in the pirate gift shop.  He got 2 swords, a hook, and a Mickey dressed like Jack Sparrow!  We ate dinner at Pecos Bill's and I had a taco salad that was so tasty!  As someone who loves to eat, I could seriously eat in Disney every day. 

After dinner Nicholas and I rode pirates AGAIN and we all had a Dole Whip for dessert.  To.Die.For!  If you've never had one, get one next time you are there!  We took a break and the boys had a sword fight right there in the middle of Adventureland!  Again, priceless memories! 

We ended the day riding Magic Carpets one more time and then watching Wishes from the intersection of Main Street and Adventureland.  Nicholas was ready with his light saber, glow sticks, and Monster's spiny thing. :-)

The highlight of the day wasdefinitely tinkerbell   taking her flight from the castle.  My little pirate loved it!  

We rode back to our car on the ferry and I took one last picture of the MK.  Definitely my happy place!  I can't wait to go back in a year or two with my mom and Nicholas. 

We got back to the resort and crashed.  We were all wiped out.  Remember how I said the dining plan is A LOT of food, well I had to go to the food court and buy a bunch of snack items to use all of our snack credits!  We ended up with 8 rice Krispy Mickeys!  :-). 

My sweet boy and I crashed and watched Jake on TV for a few minutes.  I loved our matching pjs! :-)

Disney really is a magical place.  There is truly NOTHING like watching your child light up when he meets his favorite character, ride a fun ride, or see the fireworks.  I know a lot of people think I'm crazy to have taken a 3 year old to Disney, but it was wonderful.  He had the one meltdown and that was it, he loved every minute of it, and he talks about it nonstop!  We spent 45 minutes last night looking at our pictures with him describing exactly what was going on in each picture.  We made memories to last forever that was worth all the budgeting and saving we did to make it all possible! I wouldn't take back our week at Disney for anything! 
This concludes our trip to Disney, but still one more installment of our trip...a quick beach trip!  Come back tomorrow for that one and over the next few weeks I will writing more " Disney For Newbies" posts.