Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

This was the 1st weekend in months that we have had NOTHING on our calendar!  It was amazing!  We decided not to plan a thing and just have a lazy, relaxing weekend.  Friday night Nicholas and I met my mom at the mall and I went bathing suit shopping.  Trying on swimsuits is NOT my favorite way to spend a Friday night.  It became clear to me quickly that things sure have changed and just pulling a swimsuit off the rack days are long over!  I finally found one I loved and I wore it yesterday and I felt a lot less self conscious in it with the cute little skirt hiding my big butt and hips!  

***I did have a picture of me in the swimsuit here, but it got a creepy amount of downloads, so I deleted it!***

 We spent the day at the pool yesterday and it was fabulous!  There were only a few people there and Nicholas had so much fun swimming!  We came home, Nicholas crashed in his bed, and we had a fun date night at home!  Michael boiled crab legs and lobster tails for us.  We ate like it was our last meal and I don't know the last time I felt so full after dinner!

 Told you we ate a lot!  YUM! 

Today we took Nicholas to the theater to see Monsters U.  It was his first time to go see a movie and he did sooooooo good!  He loved sitting in his own seat and loved the movie on the big screen!

He got his own little kids snack pack with popcorn, fruit snack, and sprite and he thought he was so cool!

We all came home and crashed.  Michael and I took a 2 hour nap, while Nicholas slept for 3!  It was a good lazy day here!  Nicholas slept so good that now we need to get some energy out of him, so we ended up taking him to the pool for about an hour this evening before his bath.  

I love relaxing weekends but working 5 days a week and not having time to do anything during the week, it is hard to get anything done unless it is done on the weekends.  Next weekend is jam-packed full, so I'm glad we had this low key weekend!