Saturday, July 20, 2013

Terrible Threes Update

The last two weeks have been like a breath of fresh air around here.  Nicholas LOVES his new class and he is TAKING NAPS!!!  Also, since last Thursday he has only had 2 accidents and those were both poo accidents! ***knock on wood***  I am so happy that I can't even explain it to you!  Finally since we took his paci away in February he is napping at school!  PTL!!!!!  He is back to his sweet, funny self at night!

This week we are trying a little bribery to keep up the good potty habits at school. Every day that he goes without an accident, he gets an icee on the way home in my refillable cup.  He is also allowed to go swimming for 45 minutes after dinner.  My favorite quote of the week was when we got back in the car from getting an icee on Monday, I told him that if he goes potty in the potty and eats his dinner he could go swimming. He then said "and NO CRYING!"  Hahaha!  I laughed so hard because clearly we say that too often!

I think the best thing we have done is start time out in his room when he can't calm down.  He has to go sit on his bed until he calms down.  Once he is calm, he can come out.  It has worked better than anything.  Spanking does NOTHING for our child and counting to three is useless, he just counts with you.  Haha!

There is a downside, but just one, to the school naps.  Now that he is getting all of the sleep he needs, he doesn't sleep until noon on the weekends anymore.  Today he woke up at 7am ready to least an hour before I normally would have been!  Oh well, I will take it if he isn't overtired during the week!