Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Busy Day for Nicholas

On Friday Nicholas had a very busy day!  We started the day with our 1st visit to the pediatric dentist.  I was very nervous about this appointment because most days I would rather brush the teeth of an animal in the zoo than to brush my wild man's teeth, so I didn't think he would do very well.  My friend Amy works with dentists in the area and she gave me a name of a great pedi dentist, so off we went to our 1st appointment!  We got there and the office was adorable!  It had a safari theme with Madagascar playing in the waiting room.  Nicholas immediately went to read in the big tree where the toys were kept.

When it was time to go back Nicholas ran right back and got right on the chair, but wasn't so sure about laying down for her.  We tried everything, but ended up just sitting next to me on the chair.  They were able to brush about half of his teeth before he said he had enough.  The dentist came in and looked him over and he did well with that, just no cleaning for us!

Nicholas had a great report at the dentist.  No cavities, teeth were clean and pretty, and we don't have to go back for 6 months!  Yay!  If anyone in the Chattanooga area is looking for a new pedi dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Chad Eslinger.  Nicholas really liked him and I did too.  He has an office in Cleveland and Ooltewah, with a new one coming soon to Ft. Oglethorpe.

Nicholas went to school after his dentist appointment before I picked him up at 3:30 to go to his 3 year well visit with Dr. Spraggins, our pediatrician.   Nicholas LOVES Dr. Spraggins and kept asking when she was coming in the room to see him!  He did so well there!  He jumped right up on the scale and let them weigh and measure him.  He is now 35 pounds and 39 inches tall!  75% in weight and 90% in height!  He is still a big boy!  She thinks he is doing great and was very, very happy with his speech.  She said he is exactly where he needs to be!  We don't have to go back again until he is 4, but sadly that won't be as much fun since he will get shots again then. (we do have to go back for a flu shot and we all know that he will have at least 2 sick visits!)

I was so proud of my big boy!  He did so well at the pediatrician's office and the dentist said he did just as well as 60% of his patients, so I'll take that!