Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend On The Lake

We just came back home from an awesome 2 days at our friend's lake home.  It is so relaxing and it has such a nostalgic feel to it there that you can't help but feel a long way from reality.  It is less than 5 minutes away from the house I lived in growing up and going to the lake there brings back about a thousand memories of being on the lake with friends and family.

Nicholas was terrified of the water the last time we went in June, but this time he jumped in as soon as we got there and swam for hours.  He got out of the water once and said "I rove the rake Mommy!"  That was my favorite thing I heard all weekend!  Waterside of any kind, especially lake and ocean, have always been my happy place and I love that my child loves it too!

He and Michael even went for a kayak ride.  Nicholas thought that was the coolest thing ever!

We were there around 8 hours yesterday and when we left around 8:45 I knew Nicholas was DONE.  I think that is an understatement.  He didn't make it 4 minutes before we turned around and here is what I saw.  That my friends is a record for time it took to fall asleep in the car! 

Today we went back for a few hours to help out with a dock that broke yesterday.  They were pulling away from a dock that was being used to dock the boat and it literally fell in the water.  Today everyone went back to help repair it.  Fine with me.  Nicholas got to swim again and I got some more relaxation time. 

The other thing about going to the lake is the food!  Our friend is a professional chef and he can grill some AMAZING ribs!  Needless to say we all left full!

Thanks to our awesome friends for a wonderful weekend!  Can't wait to do it again soon!