Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thoughts For Thursday, A Little Late

Well, it has been yet another crazy week and I never got around to my weekly brain dump, but here it is.  Better late than never I guess!

1.  We have found the best time to go to the pool is evening.  One reason is that it wears Nicholas out and he is relaxed and calm when we get done, but the other is that we are usually the only ones there.  FABULOUS!  He gets to play as loud as he wants, splash all he wants, and it is just relaxing to be there when it is so calm.  A glass of wine and calm pool is definitely my happy place!

2.  I have been doing my own mani/pedis for about a year after having them done professionally for years to save a little money.  I have a few classic favorite colors that I use with different seasons, but my new favorite is Essie Saturday Disco Fever.  Perfect for Summer!

3.  We are headed into the final few weeks until DISNEY and I am starting to think about packing.  Any good tips or things I definitely need to take with me?

4.  I've accumulated quite the "party box" in the past 3 years.  After we have birthday parties I am putting our leftover decorations in this huge box and putting it on a shelve in the garage  until the next party rolls around.  I didn't have to buy any paper good or silverware for the pirate party thanks to this box.  It also holds my balloon wreath and other things I don't want to mess up.

5.  Tuesday afternoon I came home to find a cooler on my porch.  I knew when I saw it was from my dad, but I was so happy to see what was inside!  He has a huge garden and he packed up several peppers, squash, cucumber, zucchini, and green beans.  The very best part was that he actually snapped and seasoned my beans for me!  Just another reason why I think I have the best dad ever!  :-)
Nicholas helped me unpack them all and kept running around saying "Pawpaw left me a supise (surprise)! VEGGIES!"  Hahaha!

6.  I've managed to read 6 of my Summer books from my reading list.  I had hoped to read them all, but I still have American Wife left.  I am hoping to start it this weekend.  That is probably more books than I have read in a long time.  I am glad I set a list and stuck to it.  I think next year I may do a book club on the blog.  Would anyone participate with me?