Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thoughts For Thursday

1. The obvious and given #1 on the list this week is definitely the ROYAL BABY!  Since I was about 5 years old I have been obsessed with the Windsors.  I vividly remember watching Sarah Ferguson marry Prince Andrew in 1986. My mom has always laughed and said my obsession was caused when she sat me in front of the TV in my baby seat at 3 months old to watch Diana get married.  This could also explain my lifelong obsession with weddings, but that is a post for another time.  Anyway, I am so excited that Kate has joined the boy mom club and that they are so "normal".  The fact William put the baby in the car and drove them home just like any other family spoke volumes to me.  Yay for Diana's biggest wish coming true...her boys having a sense of normalcy in the middle of a crazy life.  I also saw this picture and it shocked me how much William looks like Charles at almost the same age. He is much better looking, but definitely has that Windsor look.  Also, not only did they drive themselves home (with a bodyguard in the car of course), but look how much more casual he is than his dad was.  Again, great job Diana!  He doesn't come across a pretentious snob!

2.  Wednesday was camp out day at school and Nicholas had to bring a sleeping bag and flashlight.  Well, this mom of the year forgot until Monday night, so he carried his Stephen Joseph dog nap mat from Gigi's house and a small $.99 flashlight Michael found in the garage and off to school he went!  Luckily he didn't care and thought his sleeping bag was awesome!  He laid in it all Tuesday evening until time for bed. Haha! 

3.  Take note that no matter where you live, ALWAYS lock your car doors!  Sunday morning Michael came out to his truck and noticed my car door was ajar, he shut it and on he went without thinking too much about it.  Well, fast forward to Monday morning and I get in and notice my bag I carry to work was gone.  Put two and two together and it figured out that it had been stolen, so we started our Monday by filing a police report.  Yay.  Well, within a couple of hours we found out several neighbors also had cars that had been broken into Saturday night and that a neighbor three doors down had found my bag.  The police brought it back to me that night.  Nothing was missing 16 year old retainer that was in there because I had been wearing it during the day to help with my TMJ. Oh well, so much for that. Haha!

4.  I'm always on the search for good household cleaners.  I love trying new products and finding the ones that I love both the smell and how clean they make my house.  I found Windex antibacterial multi-surface last weekend and I've used it for 4 days now to wipe down the kitchen and bathroom every night and I'm hooked!  No more expensive granite cleaner for me! 

5.  I've been in the middle of an office move at work for the past week and this is my new view!  I'm loving the window!  Look for a post soon when I get settled and my new furniture comes in!

6.  We have known for quite sometime that our child has my type A personality, but now we are seeing more of my OCD side as well.  Last week he lined all of the cards to his matching game in a line turned the same way and this morning, he ever so carefully ate his cereal to not make a mess.  He is truly my child!  Haha! 

7.  I'm way late to the party, but since Google reader has gone away, I've joined Bloglovin and you should too!  Come follow our little blog there! 
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