Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Friday!

I am so happy it's Friday!  We are tired tonight and everyone    I've spent my day cleaning, organizing, and labeling my new office.  Y'all, I am an organizing, labeling, color coding freak and this office is organized now!  I'm hoping to pick up a few supplies this weekend and I am thinking it is time to buy the sparkly office supplies I've been eyeing for years at Hobby Lobby!  

See, I told you I love labels and color coding!  It's so bad I own my own label maker!  Y'all, I used it so much this morning I killed the batteries! Haha!  The new office is started to look a little more homey.  Once my permanent desk comes it will be finished and the last boxes unpacked. 

I was almost a little sad to leave my old office.  I moved in there at the beginning of our journey to have a family and that office saw my darkest and happiest days.  The ladies in the offices next to me have gotten me through some days that I really didn't know if I could pull it together and face a day full of phone calls, patients, and they always got me through it.  I'll just be a hallway over, but it was a little sad to leave my neighbors!

Friday nights are usually a lazy night for us.  It is known as pizza night and then we all snuggle in the bed while watching a movie or Disney.  It is just our normal Friday night routine and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We are always just DONE by Friday night and all I can think about from lunchtime until I get home is getting in my yoga pants and opening a bottle of wine.  Tonight we played outside while waiting on pizza and played with our neighbors for a little while.  I took this picture of Nicholas telling me "I smell your flowers Mommy!"  

I'm going to miss our little routine when Friday night football starts in a few weeks, but we are counting the days until Pawpaw's first game!  (27 in case you were wondering!)  After I got Nicholas to bed, I started going through consignment clothes.  Dear Lord, my child has a TON of clothes!  This is just what I went through tonight and it's basically just half of what he has from last year.  Ridiculous!

The good thing about it is that 80% of his clothes were purchased through consignment sales!  The 1st drop-off for this consignment season is in just 2 weeks!  I've got to get busy!