Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

1.  It is officially Fall to me now.  High school football is back in action with practice starting this week on Monday and it is only 43 days until the 1st game of the season! Let the countdown begin and GO SEAHAWKS!  Pretty sure Nicholas is going to be their biggest fan this year!  He loves to hear the song Boys of Fall and will ask for "Pawpaw's team song" then says "go seahawks!"  I'm proud!  Ha!

2.  Nicholas started in his new classroom on Monday and he was so excited!  He has been begging to "be a bunny" for weeks.  He has done so well this week.  He even took a nap everyday but Monday!  He will stay in this class for a year before moving up into the PK4 class next July. Hard to believe he only moves one more time before he graduates. Hold me please. 

3.  My mom and I are planning a wedding shower for my cousin's fiancee and I am LOVING our theme!  Lots of black, silver, pink, and sparkle!  I can't wait to share more with you soon, but here is a sample...
My mom was worried Hobby Lobby may start to miss us after one of us was there almost daily for a couple of weeks buying for the pirate party.  I think between the shower, Fall, and then Christmas, they won't even know we left!  We may have a problem.  Ha!

4.  Has everyone stocked up on their TOMS for Fall?  Zulily has a great deal right now!  I bought mine yesterday and I can't wait to wear my herringbone print in the Fall with jeans to football games and to work on the days I don't have patients.

5.  There are a couple of songs right now that I have to turn the radio up and sing, but Tuesday Nicholas started singing along to this one.
Maybe that should concern me a little?  Hahaha!  We call it the tailgate party song. We are just trying to get in the mood for football season! :-)

6.  I've already started making my Christmas gift lists!  I LOVE buying for other people and my goal is to start early this year.  I'm going to buy a gift every couple of weeks in hopes to not have much all at one time come November/December.  We will see how that goes!  

7.  Nicholas goes for his 3 year well check on Friday and I am excited to see how big he has gotten.  I've also got to call and make an appointment for him to see a dentist.  I'm way nervous about this.  He HATES to have his teeth brushed and I can only imagine how this will go.  I'm already praying for the poor girl that has to clean his teeth!

8.  I just found this picture on my phone and it made me laugh.  We go to our community pool on the weekends and enjoy spending time with our neighbors. Well, apparently when you have a 3 year old you have to pack like you are going on vacation not 6 hours at a pool a block away. Here is what went the last time... 
Good thing I have a bigger cargo area in this mommy-mobile! Haha!