Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

We have had another great weekend and hope you did too!  Michael had to work yesterday until 2, so I finished some laundry and cleaned up the house.  The miracle of the day was that Nicholas slept until...drum roll please...NOON!  My poor buddy has been worn out by the weekend lately because he isn't napping at school and going from 6:45 am - 8:00 pm is killing him.  He slept 15.5 hours Friday night.  I was able to vacuum and unload the dishwasher right outside of his room while he slept!  That is tired!  Good news is, he is at least going to the potty well, so I guess I can sacrifice the naps.  Ha!

When Michael got home we took a chance at the pool.  It was cloudy, but not raining.  Well, within an hour, the sky broke and it started pouring.  As soon as we packed up and ran for the covered area, the sun came back out and it quit.  Figures! 

Nicholas didn't want to wear his puddle jumper, so he had to sit it out by me.  Rules are: must wear puddle jumper or you don't get near the pool.  We don't take any chances here!  I couldn't help but laugh at this, so I took a picture of how he was lying on the chair.  He is seriously the funniest kid I know!

 After the pool the neighbors and their kids came over again this week.   We are truly blessed to have such good neighbors that we enjoy spending time with.  This is the 2nd week in a row that we grilled out and had fun just being together.  We started doing this 4 years ago and we still love hanging out together.

 Today we took our almost 3 year old to Toys R Us to pick out what he wants for his birthday.  Big shocker, but all he seems to want is pirate stuff. Haha!  No one was surprised here!  I also bought his invitations and printables for his party today.  How in this world is this kid almost 3?!  We stopped to get an icee and it was his lucky day, Daddy gave him half of his and he downed it, declaring "I Looooove icees!"  Haha!

 Apparently walking around the toy store is hard work.  This is how we found him on the way home.  Poor buddy FINALLY took a 5:00 in the afternoon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I'm hoping to continue to keep the blog updated, but we will see how that goes!  It is going to be another busy, busy week at work and home.