Saturday, June 1, 2013

Potty Training Update

I'm just going to go ahead and say if this is TMI for you or you don't care, quit reading now. :-)

I am still shocked how easily giving up the paci was and I had been dreading attempting to potty train for a long time.  Nicholas showed NO interest for months.  They had decent success at school in pull-ups, but I'm pretty sure it was a peer pressure thing.  Once we got home and his friends were not there, he could care less.  Well as you know from a previous post, we had to have him ready for the 3 year old class by July, so I got started on a weekend we spent at home 4 weeks ago today. 

In that 4 weeks, he is ALMOST potty trained!  He is down to 1 accident a day and it isn't a pee pee accident. Not so bad for just our 4th week working on it! I'm so proud of him and how well he adapts to new things and habits. He is waking up dry from his nap (when he takes one!) and in the morning most days! 

What is the secret to our success, lots of fruit sucks and M&Ms and constant reminders.  He has been telling us over the last week when he has to go at he and that has helped a lot.  We still obviously struggle with pooping in the potty, but I know it will come, so I try not to stress too much over it.  He also loves picking out his undies in the morning.  He will tell me he wants to wear "Jake" or "monsters" or whatever.  He seems to love being a big boy!  Also as a TMI side note, I have been in the nursing profession for 10 years and I've decided cleaning out poopy undies is the grossest thing I've done! Gag!

I am just so proud of him!  He is growing up soooooooo fast.  I can't believe he is already in big boy underwear and no longer in the size 1 swaddler diapers!  My heart gets sad sometimes over that, but the fact I only buy nighttime pull-ups is awesome!  It's like getting a raise!  Ha!  In all seriousness, potty training is hard, takes a lot of patience, and time.  I struggle with patience and this has been a battle for us.  I have to remind myself daily when I clean out his poopy pants, that he is still learning and it's a season of life as a parent.  One day I'll be sad when he doesn't need me to help him potty and he is even more grown up than he is now. :-)