Monday, June 10, 2013

Behind Again

I warned you I would probably go MIA again last week.  Too bad it lasted through the weekend too.  I had a looooooong week at work and on Thursday I almost had a crying meltdown around lunchtime.  I pretty much never cry at work and it rarely happens, so when it does, you KNOW things aren't going well and you better take cover!  Ha!  Anyway, I'm back now, so let's get caught up.

Nicholas is doing so well potty training!  He is even pooping in the potty most of the time now!  I was so proud of him on Tuesday last week.  He didn't have a single accident, so he got 2 suckers on the way home!  He was pretty proud too!  :-)

Tuesday night we went to our friend Jane's birthday dinner.  Again, Nicholas managed to make us so proud.  He sat like a big boy, ate like a big boy, and made it 9:00, an hour past bedtime!  It's so obvious he is growing up these days. 

Saturday Michael had to work all day. So I braved Office Depot, Party City, and Target with "toddler trouble" (his nickname which was given totally out of love!).  He was so good while getting his party supplies, so I let him go to Toys R Us to look around.  The best part of that story...he told me he had to potty and we went and used a public bathroom TWICE!  No accidents again that public!  Winning! 

Yesterday we went to a really cool birthday party.  A friend of Michael's from high school lives in our area and invited Nicholas to join her son for his 4th birthday at the fire department.  Nicholas was a little shy at first, but once he warmed up to the new kids, he had so much fun!  Hands down his favorite part was the end when they turned on the water from the ladder truck and let the kids play on it. My water lover was the first one to run in!  Of course!  

At the end they got a call and had to go, so the kids got to actually watch them get in their gear, load up and leave.  This same station was one of the ones that came to our fire and it made me tear up to see them load up and think about the family they were going to help.  It's different when you've been that family.  Anyway, back to a happy note, this is how Nicholas ended up and how he rode home!   Times like these I am thankful for 2 backpacks full of shorts and underwear in the car for potty training! Haha!

We got home and put on warm, dry pjs and cuddled in my bed until 8:30 eating cheezits.  Cuddling in my bed has quickly become his favorite thing to do, which I love.

He is such a sweet, loving child and I'm so thankful for that.  I'm just hoping he stays that way, although I'm sure he won't. :-)