Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

I made to a 2nd week of my brain dump series!  That has to be some kind of record for me!

1.  Lately I've been swamped at work.  Let me take a minute to give my annual "don't be a trauma patient this Summer" speech.  I call summer "tis the season to be stupid" for a reason, don't be stupid this year.  Before you do anything (especially what you allow your children to do) think about how you could get hurt doing it.  We are seeing a ton of injuries already and it isn't even June yet!  Just be smart and always think about consequences, especially when it comes to your children. Ok, trauma nurse rant over. Getting off my soap box now.

2.  I have been reminded this week of something else I love about Summer!  I've found that we can take a few extra minutes getting ready because there is a lot less traffic in the mornings. Yay!  It has put a little less stress off of me knowing that I have a little more time rather than rushing to try to beat the heavy traffic out of Georgia into downtown Chattanooga. It been fabulous this week (well, until today when a wreck slowed us down). Also on that note, this short week hasn't been so bad, but I will pay dearly for it next week when we have to make up a couple of days worth of patients due to the holiday and a day of meetings yesterday. 

3.  If you love coffee and have a Keurig, you HAVE to try this coffee!  Last year I drank the mocha coconut one, but this one is much better!  I'm hooked!  It is perfect on the weekends while sitting on my patio waiting on Nicholas to wake up. 

4.  I enrolled Nicholas in a soccer program at school today.  Being a football coach's daughter I am not a fan of soccer and I have to disagree with the description on this brochure, but I want him to learn team play before he starts baseball next Spring.  He is so excited and tells everyone he will be "going to soccer class!"  

5.  I've been looking at little boy luggage for Nicholas to take to Disney and I cannot for the life of me find any cute pirate luggage!  I want a rolling suitcase made for little boys.  Stephen Joseph had an adorable one a couple of years ago, but as with everything else, I should have purchased it then, they no longer make them.  Any ideas on a cute one?

6. There is nothing to make you feel old like three of your "baby" cousins graduating high school (they were 3 when I graduated!) and the child you were a nanny for when she was ages 4 to 7 turning 17!  In the last year I have been reminded how fast time flies and how it doesn't seem so long ago my little cousin was Nicholas' age and I was the one graduating high school.  It seems hard to believe that now he is 18, headed to the same college I went to, and I have the 3 year old!  (Insert ugly cry here)  Yes, I may have shed a couple tears over that thought, but it has made me slow down a little and just enjoy these days with my own sweet little boy.  As always, I'm thankful God sends us little reminders like that.  (Sorry, Cody, I hope you forgive me for putting your picture on my blog!)