Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being Honest and Being Real

see a lot of posts on social media and blogs that make me wonder "is their life really this perfect?"  Sometimes I worry that I may come across the same way and it has bothered me lately to think that my blog may seem as though I want everyone to think we have this perfect little life that we do not have.  Are we happy and love our life, yes.  Is it perfect in every way, not even close.

God has blessed Michael and I immensely.  We have been given a series of good jobs that have allowed us to live in a nice house, have nice cars, vacations, whatever; but we have worked very long, hard hours for what we have.  Yes, at times I may complain about working or that I am stressed trying to juggle 2 full time jobs of nurse and mommy, but it's just part of being real.  I hope that it doesn't come across that we take these things for granted or that we are not thankful for them. I most definitely am. 

Our marriage isn't perfect. We fight like any other married couple and we have been through a lot in the 12 years we have been together.  Actually we have been through a lot more than a lot of couples that have been married 30 years have been through together.  There is stress in our lives that come from being married, having children, and both of us working full time jobs.  We seem to stay tired and can't keep ahead at home with laundry and housework which would make anyone snap at each other from time to time.  However, at the end of the day yes, we may fuss on and off at times, but we are best friends and love each other.  I just don't see a reason to alert the blog community or FB every time we have a fight.

I think everyone knows by now that Nicholas is no where near perfect.  I have posted about his high energy, spirited personality before and our struggles with naps and potty training.  I don't want to blog every time I have to take his "pirate guys" away for talking back or the fact that we are seriously struggling with who is in charge at our house, but it is happening at our house, just like at every other home with preschool age children all over the world.  

I see a lot of bloggers say that Pinterest and blogs make them feel inadequate.  I have never had an issue with Pinterest, but blogs and twitter can make you feel like a failure in about 10 seconds.  Those that never post anything negative, never have a problem other than what they will order as their next expensive purchase or what their perfect child may have done that day give me serious mommy envy and guilt...until I remember that no one is perfect, no matter how they appear on the Internet!