Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. Today is a day where I keep reminding myself that I am thankful we have good jobs. First, I'm having a week of chaos and today was Dr. Barker's first day back, which is always crazy. Second, Michael thought he was going to have the day off and get to do some husband chores around the house for me, but instead he has to work today and since he is working Saturday, it will be at least Sunday before his chores get done. However, I am just very thankful to have such problems. In all the craziness of being a working mom, I am just thankful I have a job that allows us to be able to pay our bills.

2. I am thankful for children's ibuprofen and modern medicine! I cannot imagine 2 year old molars without it!

3. I am thankful that Fall is literally just a few days away and that we have had amazing mornings and evenings this week. Nicholas has been wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans to school in the morning with a short sleeve shirt underneath. It has been precious to see him in his cute little thermal shirts and jeans. :-)

(sorry for the bad flash, I took this on my phone yesterday morning)

4. I am over and above all things today, thankful for our good health. Everyone in our family is in good health and I honestly cannot thank God enough for that. A little back pain here and there and a baby with asthma is NOT a big deal in comparison to others.  Please think about families that may have sick kids or going through an illness themselves while trying to be a parent and pray for them.