Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prisoner In His Own House

Remember how I always bragged about how my 26 month old had been in a big boy bed for almost 8 months and never got out without us coming in his room to get him?  Yeah, well, scratch that.  A few days ago after a two hour nap he was yelling for us so right as Michael got to his door it opened and there stood a proud little two year old saying "Hi!"  Between the fact he now knows he can get out of his bed and room alone and that he has been opening out doors since he was 15 months old (they have lever style handles) and unlocking them for about 6 months, drastic measures were needed.  After an escape out of the living room, through the garage, and into the road last Friday, Pawpaw came to our house to install chains on the doors to prevent any further escapes.  One of my dad's best friends's lost his little girl when I was little after she was hit by a car and just from things I see at work, we don't play when it comes to safety near the road.  So friends, this is our new safely measure on the door to the garage...
Sweet boy is all mad about not being able to get in the garage or the backward whenever he wants.  Sorry kid, it's for your own protection and you'll think me later. :-)

Oh the life of a wild toddler boy!  If the honest toddler starts tweeting about locks on his doors it will finally be confirmed that he is Nicholas!