Friday, September 21, 2012

Brain Dump, Fall Eve Edition

With it being Fall Eve, I am going to do a Fall themed brain dump today!  I'm excited for Fall, aren't you?

1.  My Bridier Baubles Britta Beads came last week and I was excited to wear them! Luckily the day after they came I had a doctor/patient-free day of paperwork in my office, so I dressed up and wore them! :-)  Loving the awesome orange color for Fall!

 2.  I have been having a lot of fun wearing Fall nail polish.  I had a hard time finding just the "right" orange to wear to the game on Saturday, so here is my UT orange creation.
 I put on one coat of the dark then one coat of the lighter color and then used my OPI top coat.  It is still holding up pretty well!

 3.  Loved last week's sign at the game.  I think it speaks for itself, I don't need to say anything else...

 4.  The weather this week is great!  It is the perfect Fall week and looks like our weekend is going to be amazing!

5.  I am getting into the Fall spirit (in case you can't tell) and in 2 weeks we will be headed down to Burt's Pumpkin Patch!  I'm excited to get Nicholas' annual pumpkin picture!  He sure has grown since the last year.  :-(

6.  I could write an entire blog on this subject, but I'll spare you with just a quick paragraph.  I have issues with universities and even high schools wanting to fire a coach that inherited a mess on his team only 3 seasons ago and not giving him at least 5 years to "fix" things.  Obviously I am referring to UT and Derek Dooley, but being a coaches daughter I tend to see things a little different than the average fan.  These coaches have a lot on of pressure to win, which I think is reasonable to an extent, but I don't think they should be expected to work miracles in less than 5-6 years.  I really hope that UT will look at the big picture before making a decision this season.  Derek Dooley has not done a bad job, but I understand that he hasn't done a great job either. Ok, stepping down off my soapbox now since that really is a jumbled mess of thoughts. Ha!

7.  Do we think it is too early to bust these boots out?  I am dying to wear them to a late morning barnyard themed birthday party tomorrow at 11 with morning temps in the 60s and a high of 79...

8.  I busted out the Fall decor last night and some pumpkin beer.  This is my new favorite Fall decoration.  My Nana made this before I was born (she went through a pottery phase) and I always loved it on her island in her kitchen, so here it is, on mine!