Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Who is excited that it is FINALLY officially Fall? (even though it is 75 degrees outside right now)  I spent Thursday night getting my house all ready for the season and it just makes my heart happy to have my house smelling like pumpkin marshmallow with leaves and pumpkins sitting around everywhere!  I'm going next weekend to get mums for my porch and the pumpkin patch in 2 weeks, then you can see my Fall porch.  :-)  My Fall Scentsy came Friday afternoon, so I got it out first thing yesterday morning.  My house smells amazing with Autumn Sunset and Pumpkin Roll burning.  How cute is this warmer?

I was so happy that the weekend was here.  Last week at work almost killed me.  It is always great to have a few days off, but the first week back is always hard.  Friday night my mom and I had a night out since my dad was playing about an hour away (we used to not think a thing about driving an hour to watch his team, but we are kind of over that now).  We went to Target, Belk, and then to The Chop House for dinner.  Don't worry, I was wearing my green and gold and kept checking Twitter and an online score board for updates on the game! Ha!

Saturday morning Nicholas and I went to sweet Baylee's birthday party.  Baylee's mom and I have been friends since college and I consider her one of my best friends and I am excited that our "babies" are the same age (even if they are TWO now!).  Nicholas got this ADORABLE shirt in the mail a few days ago from another one of my college friends, Chea just for the party!  He kept telling me he had a "owwwwboy" on his shirt! Haha!

Nicholas and Tate played together and had fun (even if we couldn't get a good picture of them together).  Tate has the next big party and I am excited about it too!  I am loving our social calendar now that we have a child.  It is much more fun to go to birthday parties and consignment sales than just have a weekend of doing nothing and wondering when your time is coming to do those things.  I'm loving being a mommy and watching him play with other kids and especially my good friends children like Baylee and Tate!  By the way, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of two toddlers together! Ha!
The birthday girl

Nicholas, as always completely trashed his shirt.  I don't know why I have nice things made for him to wear to birthday parties!!!  They always come home like this...

After a nap, Nicholas got changed into his gameday attire and we watched the Vols and ate some chili. I was excited to make my 1st pot of chili this season (you can find the recipe under my weekly meal plan).  We were just happy our team was winning!!!

This morning we went to church and to eat. It was a cool, Fall morning with a temperature of 55 when we left for church at 8:45!  Nicholas had a fun time (as always) in Sunday School.  We are blessed to go to a large church with lots of kids' activities.  I'm still trying to figure out a way to get him to Awana's on Wednesday night, but it is almost impossible to get there by 6:00.  :-(
We went to Pawpaw and Gigi's house and changed clothes and went to Outback to eat.  This picture just cracked me up.  He had to have a quick snack...
And savoring every bite of his chicken fingers and fries... Haha!

After lunch, the boys went home, Pawpaw went to watch football film and mom and I went to Michael's to buy Nana a new Fall wreath and to take it to her.  It was good to see Nana.  I had not been there in about 3 weeks, so I was glad to see her, but hated that Nicholas needed a nap and had to miss it.  It was a busy, but good weekend for us.  Going to have another busy week at work, so I am hoping to get in bed a little early tonight...we will see how that works out.

Hope everyone had a great 1st weekend of Fall!!!