Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Era Begins, Part One

For some reason this post got posted without any of the clue!  Oh well, let's try this again! 

For about the past two or three months, Nicholas has had a very hard time staying asleep and seemed very uncomfortable in his crib.  He has always been an EXCELLENT sleeper (well, once we got his reflux/milk allergy under control) and has slept through the night every.single.night but one since he was 11 weeks old, so I knew there had to be something up.  At the first of the year I made the decision to start looking for a "big boy bed".  When we found out he was a boy we decided he just HAD to have a car bed when the time came.  I hit the Craigslist jackpot and found this twin bed in excellent condition for only $50!!!!
Last Friday, January 20, we set it up and moved out his crib.  He seems to love it!
I have to admit.  I had to take a break and cry while taking his bumper and sheets out of his crib.  I spent two and a half years planning this nursery, how could I just take it all apart in a matter of minutes.  It absolutely broke my heart that after all of the time I spent planning it and all of the memories that room held, it was time to move on to the next chapter.  The week before we moved his glider out to make room for a new dresser and I just HAD to rock him once more (it is rare that we do that, he probably thought I had lost my mind).  I cried a lot thinking of how far we had come since the day he came home...
 As soon as we got home on July 4, 2010 I laid him in his crib to get a few pictures of him next to his monogram.  He also took his first nap in his bed that afternoon.  How was my baby ever THAT small?!
 I could not be any more proud of my BIG BOY!  He LOVES his bed and loves to show it off to anyone that comes by!  More importantly, he has transitioned like I never dreamed he would.  The first night he slept 12 hours without a single whimper...HUGE accomplishment for the baby that has been crying out several times a night for months.  The next day he took TWO naps (not just one) in his bed and did great!  From that point on, he has never looked back!  We have now made it an entire week and not one bad night or problem to speak of!!!!  Poor boy was just too big for his crib!!!

About a year ago it was time to get my canvas from Kim Wheeler.  I wanted something that would grow with him, so I went ahead and picked out his quilt from PBK and have the canvas match it and his crib bedding.  I found the quilt on eBay the day after we bought his bed and it is so cute and just perfect for his room and personality.  I love how it looks all together.

 Last Sunday after two successful days and nights in the "big boy bed" we took his crib apart and moved it to the attic.  I wanted one more picture of him by his crib.  Oh my sad heart!
Yes, my "big boy" has a paci in his mouth in all of these pictures.  He was sick that entire weekend with a double ear and sinus infection.  He is allowed his paci when he is sick, otherwise it is only at nap and bedtime.  :-)

There are still some more changes to go and a few projects I am working on for his room.  I am planning a part 2 to this blog in a month or two when it all gets completed with details.