Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 18 Months Sweet Nicholas

My dear, sweet Nicholas, how are you already half way to your second birthday?  My heart gets sad when I think about how old you are and how big you are getting to be.  It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital and thought you were HUGE at almost 9 pounds, now you really are a BIG BOY at 26 pounds, 7 ounces, and 35.5 inches.  You are in the 100th percentile for height, weight, and 90th percentile for head circumference.
You are quite a little mess, but figuratively and literally! Ha!  You are VERY busy and all boy and I love it! I wouldn't want it any other way!!!  We have so much fun with you.  You have developed an adorable little personality.  You laugh all of the time and very rarely cry (unless you are extremely tired or hungry).  People stop us when we are out and about to tell us how cute and happy you are.  That always makes me happy that people can tell what a good baby you are.  You LOVE to gabber, but in the past month you've started talking a lot more.  You now say Mama, Daddy, Gigi, dog, hi, bye bye, more, thank you, you're welcome, boom, book, baby, go, cheese, and several other things I just can't think of right now.
You love to mimic what we are doing.  You always enjoy walking around "talking" on our iphones and the house phone.  Every time you see your Gigi the 1st thing you want to do is ask for her phone.  Dancing has become another favorite of yours.  Puzzles and coloring are becoming favorites as well.  Your favorite toys right now are your kitchen, Little People sets, and Cozy Coupe.  You still love going to school.  You moved up to the Caterpillar class at 18 months.  You still sleep on a mat and eat at the table.  Within the past month you've started walking into school and straight to your room.  You love to wave and say "HI!" to everyone we pass in the hallway in the morning and "BYE!" in the afternoon.  When I walk in your room at the end of the day you've started running up to me screaming "HI MAMA!"  Makes my day Every.Single.Day!!!
You are still quite the little eater, or maybe I should say BIG eater!  You love everything, but your favorite foods seem to be taco soup and chicken spaghetti.  Grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup seem to be running a close second.  You are still a little picky about veggies, so I've been giving you Gerber Grabbers and you LOVE them.  It is such an easy way to get your fruits and veggies in for the day.
Daddy has been working a lot more.  You love it when Daddy gets home before you go to bed.  Your routine is still pretty much the same.  During the week, you get up around 7, eat a banana and drink some milk, Daddy gets you dressed and ready for school while I finish getting ready.  We leave around 7:25 and get to school by 8. I pick you up around 5 and we get home around 5:30.  You play while I finish dinner, eat, then bath.  Our bedtime routine is to brush your teeth, put on your pjs, read a book, say your prayers, and after I turn on your sound machine you just go to sleep on your own around 7:30. On the weekend you sleep until 8 or 9:00.  I am very proud of how independent you are and what a good sleeper you've always been.
You are in 18-24 month clothes at Carter's, Gymboree, Gap, and Old Navy along with some 2T things in boutique brands.  You are still in size 4 slip on diapers and recently moved up to size 5 at night.

I love the little man you've become and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring until you are TWO!!!!  We love you and thank you for making me the Mommy I've always wanted to be!