Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

We got a wonderful Christmas present from Nicholas...he slept until 8:30!!! I had already gotten up and had our breakfast ready to go.  We had a Christmas standard in my family, sausage rolls.  Think a Jelly roll, but instead sausage and biscuit.  YUM!
 As soon as he finished eating we set the camcorder and led him into the living room to find his presents from Santa.
Nicholas got me a wonderful gift.  It is a stackable mother's ring.  It has his name, birthdate, and birthstone.  I LOVE IT!  It looks lonely by itself, so I've been stacking it with my wedding set.
This picture just makes me laugh. He got a TN hat in his stocking and he wore it the rest of present time! Ha!
 After we opened presents and played with our new toys, we went over to my parents to see what Santa left there.  Nicholas is a very lucky little man.  Santa brought him a Pottery Barn Anywhere chair there!
 Nicholas had more gifts than one little boy every should from them.  We are very blessed.
 Here is Nicholas with his Grandpa and Gigi in front of their tree.
 After naptime, my extended family came over for our Christmas.  Of course, Nicholas was the center of attention...again.
 He loved his new sunglasses.  He is still incredibly cool, even with a paci!
 He had a little accident and threw up on his outfit, so he had to have a wardrobe change into his pjs.
 We got all of the Great Grandparents a framed picture of Nicholas and a calendar with pictures of his last year.  They loved them.  Here is my Nana opening hers.
 Our family on Christmas night.
 Here is a funny picture for you.  A few days before Christmas I noticed that one of my Barbie ornaments off of my big tree was missing.  I found her here...
What can I say, Barbie loves Jesus.
Our family had a very Merry Christmas and we hope you did as well!  May you all have a very happy New Year and wonderful 2012!  Thanks for reading about our little family and I hope to do much better in 2012 keeping you all up to date.