Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

We had a very busy Christmas season (as you can tell by the fact I had absolutely NO blogging activity for a month!).  We hosted both Christmas Eve (as always) and Christmas Day this year, plus I worked every day until December 23.  Needless to say between work, hosting 2 Christmas family events, and chasing a very busy toddler, blogging fell to the wayside.  I am going to try to do better in the new year. Scroll down to see our Christmas card.  Bear with me and I am going to do a few posts over the next few days to get caught up! 

On Christmas Eve I had a few last minute things to finish and one of those was dipping Oreo balls and making peppermint bark.  I enlisted the best assistant I've ever had...

The only downside to this assistant was that he wanted to sample them all.  I had to make him spit a couple out! Oops!
We made my thumbprint cookies I make every year, but instead of strawberry jelly in the middle I used peppermint kisses and rolled them in sugar...a la Pinterest!  They were very tasty!
Nicholas all ready for Christmas Eve. LOVE his Mud Pie overalls!
Nicholas did ok opening gifts, but really wasn't that into it.  He did well for two or three, then lost interest.
 We gave both sets of Grandparents a 11x14 canvas on Nicholas.  It was a huge hit with both and I'm so glad I did that.
 Nicholas wanted to climb on all of his went ok until he fell in one! Hahaha!
 Our family on Christmas Eve!
 Nicholas got a kitchen from his Granddad and Mimi.  He LOVES it!  He has played with it for countless hours since.
After everyone left around 9, we cleaned up and got ready for Santa.  Here are the cookies and milk we left out.
 Santa did come and he left some awesome new toys!
 Nicholas LOVES all things pirate.  Santa brought a Mega Block ship, a hooded towel, and a couple of books.  Michael and I got him a pair of Kidorable Pirate rain boots that match his raincoat.
 He also brought a Dance Star Mickey (which he is afraid of, go figure!), a Little People Zoo, Jeep, and Fridge Phonics.
To Be Continued Tomorrow...