Monday, October 3, 2011

15 Months

 Happy 15 months to the sweetest boy I know!  Nicholas you have grown into quite a fun, sweet, lovable little man and I can't imagine my life without you!  Friday I picked you up from school during naptime (which, may I ad is the cutest thing ever! There are 12 babies all on mats asleep in the floor! Precious!) and we went to see Dr. Spraggins for your 15 month appointment.  You are still a BIG boy!  You weighed 23 pounds, 11 ounces (20th percentile) and 33 inches long (95th percentile!)!  Your head is in the 90th percentile too!  I think that is because you are so smart! :-)  You got three shots and you did so good!  Hopefully you won't get the flu this year since you've had your vaccine so early.

When we left the dr, I went through the drive-thru at Chattanooga Cupcakes and got Nicholas a yellow cupcake with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  I think he enjoyed it! Hahaha!
So, Nicholas, what have you been up to these past three months since I did a monthly update?
You have developed quite the funny personality!  You make people laugh everywhere we go!  I love how outgoing, friendly, and sweet you are.  I've even had people stop me in a store to tell me how happy and sweet you are!  In the past week or so you've become quite the dancer.  I'll post a video soon, it is HILARIOUS!

You still LOVE to eat and will eat just about anything.  I've only found 2 things you don't seem to like, fish sticks and Gerber ravioli.  You eat a snack with milk in the morning before going to school then you have breakfast with your friends.  You eat lunch around 11, a snack around 3, and dinner at 6:00.  I think your favorite meals are Italian food, especially spaghetti!  You also like chicken tenders, Chick Fil A, and beef stroganoff.

 Two weeks ago you had to have your first big boy haircut.  You had a major mullet going on and as cute as the long, Tom Brady-like hair was, it was time to shape it up.  You look like such a big boy now.  *tear* (notice these pics are a little blurry, N is a very busy boy and wouldn't stand still!)

You started walking on July 8 while at school.  you had been walking a little here and there, but took off that day and haven't looked back since.  You are now RUNNING everywhere!

You have said 8 words, but only 4 are said often.  You still say Mama, Daddy, hi, and bye, but you will say book, dog, Gigi, and ball on occasion.  

You have FINALLY begun to nap during the day.  Being in the Snails class has made a HUGE difference.  You don't get the chance to "cat nap" all day, so you take one good nap from 12-2ish every day, even on the weekends!
Your favorite activity seems to be Little Gym.  You LOVE going every Saturday morning and your favorite thing to do there seems to be hanging from the bars.  You also like to tumble and you have started randomly doing front rolls! Haha!
Your favorite toys are still the classics: phones of any kind, remotes, and your slide.  You have also started playing with trucks and cars, balls, and you love to give Spencer his toys.  You like to play tug-of-war with his fox and rope toys.  You also like to read.  Every night you bring me a book and we read before bed.

You just started giving hugs and kisses within the past couple of weeks.  They are the best hugs and kisses I've ever had!  :-)

I can't believe you are already 1/4 of the way through your second year.  Time is flying by and I'm trying to enjoy every possible second I can with you.  I miss you so much during the day and I try to not have to leave you at night or on the weekends unless you are already in bed.  I hate that I miss so much during the day during the week that I want to spend every possible second with you on the weekends.  I know I say this often, but you were so worth every tear, every sad day, and every single step along the road to get to you.  We love you, Nicholas!