Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun Fall Day

One of my new favorite Fall things to do is to hit up Burt's Pumpkin Farm in Dawsonville, Ga.  We went for the first time last October and it was so fun, but I knew this year would be even more fun with Nicholas being able to run around and see everything himself.  We invited The Miller family to go with us and Nicholas loved having his friend Tate along!  We didn't want to haul strollers around, so I brought the wagon and it was fabulous!  How cute are these two?!
 Nicholas LOVED running around the pumpkins and checking them all out.  It was hard to get a good picture of him, especially with the sun shining right on him, but here are my favorites.

My favorite little man and I 
 My boys
 Our family
 Amy, Tate, Madison, Jensen, Nicholas, and I went on a hayride while the Daddies continued the search for the perfect pumpkin.  I enjoyed seeing all of the pumpkins in the field.

 When we got back to the pumpkin patch, the Daddies had found just the right ones!  We each left with our very own Great Pumpkin of 2011...

You might be wondering, but how do you fit a wagon, toddler, and all of the other things we needed for the day in the car along with a massive strap it into the back seat! Ha!
I also bought a loaf of pumpkin bread and OMW, we will be having some for breakfast tomorrow! Tasty! On the way back we also stopped at Hillcrest Apple Orchard.  I bought 6 red and delicious apples and 6 granny smith apples, apple fritters, and apple butter.  I made some homemade applesauce tonight for Nicholas to eat with his dinner and it was actually pretty good!  I put our pumpkins out and had a little help from my little helper.  Hopefully next weekend I can get some mums and finish up.
Just for fun to compare, here are my favorite two pictures from this year...
 and exactly one year ago on October 3, 2010...
We had a fabulous Fall Weekend and hope you did too!